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Live Life

Your money should help you live your ideal lifestyle. You can check out our full category archives of Live Life content here. However, here are some of our favorite posts to help you live your life to its fullest.

Before you get started, you should probably dream up your ideal lifestyle. This can get the gears turning on how to improve your finances for maximum enjoyment.

When you ask people about their ideal lifestyle, chances are it includes travel. Here are some of our favorite travel posts to help inspire you as well as to help you save money traveling.

Love cruising? Check out all of our cruise related posts here.

You can use credit cards to your advantage to travel for free. The key is massive sign up bonuses. Unfortunately, it can be complex and everyone doesn’t understand how it works. I lay it all out in these posts.

You need to have the right money skills to live your life. Here’s some help figuring out a few skills many people never learn.

Finally, what good is a personal finance blog if we don’t share our story? Here are some of the posts describing our journey to where we are today.

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