If Health And Wealth Are Intertwined This Sit-Stand Desk Should Help

Supposedly health and wealth go hand in hand.

If you have the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it would make sense that you should have the willpower to exhibit that same discipline over your money.

While I think my family is doing decently financially, I have to admit I’m not doing the best in the health department.

That made me wonder if I start doing better physically, will my wealth start increasing even more?

That’s why I jumped at the opportunity when Flexispot offered to send me their 32 inch F3 Series Sit-Stand Desk Riser so I could review it.

I Spend A Lot Of Time Sitting In Front Of A Computer

As a blogger, I spend much of the day sitting in front of a computer screen. At least I used to. Now with the sit-stand desk riser I have the option of standing while I work.

I was pretty excited to try it out. Now that I’ve had the Flexispot sit-stand desk riser for a couple weeks, here’s what I think of it.

32″ Flexispot F3 Sit Stand Desk Riser Compact Series Review

In addition to the 32″ Flexispot F3 Sit Stand Desk Riser, the company also sent me a¬†Loctek D7D Dual Arm Monitor Mount for ideal ergonomic testing.

Overall, I’m loving the set up. The desk riser works as promised, rising and lowering by depressing a lever and a just a little bit of effort to move the desk riser to the desired height.

The desk has a removable keyboard tray, so I can use the desk both for computing and for any physical writing tasks I’d need to complete on a traditional desk.

All I have to do is pop two levers and take off the keyboard tray to convert from a computer desk to a regular desk.

I can stop the desk at any height between the lowest and highest setting, so it works for a wide range of heights. I’m 6’1 and the desk my Flexispot sits on is 29 inches, so as promised it fits well for my height when fully raised.

I love the design of the actual riser itself. The base is actually smaller than the top desk surface area, which still leaves plenty of room for stuff on my regular desk in addition to the Flexispot.

Drawbacks Of The Flexispot Riser

Through my testing so far I’ve only found one downside to the Flexispot desk. When using the attached keyboard tray, it cause the monitors to wobble just a bit when I type.

It isn’t a big enough wobble to worry me or bother me in any way, but I figure it may drive some people crazy. I’m not sure if I type with more force than most or if it is simply a fact of life with using sit stand desks and monitor arms.

Definitely Get A Monitor Mount

If you do decide to buy the sit stand desk, I would suggest getting monitor mounts for optimal ergonomics. Without the monitor arm mounts, I would have to look down to view my monitors which is not ideal.

Thankfully the monitor mount arms allow me to raise or lower the monitors to the perfect height. When I use the desk in the sitting position, I adjust my monitor arms to a different level than when I’m using the Flexispot in standing mode.

Unpacking The Desk Riser

As you can see from the pictures, unpacking the Flexispot F3 32 inch compact series sit stand desk riser was super simple.

Notice I don’t say easy, though. The box is heavy and getting the styrofoam enclosure out of the box may be a challenge for just one person, although I managed to do it myself.

The desk is packaged very well, completely surrounded in styrofoam to protect the desk while in shipping. My shipping box looked like it has been thrown around quite a bit, even with a couple holes, and the desk arrived completely undamaged.

Simply remove the styrofoam lid to access your desk and get started with the assembly and installation process.

Installing the Desk Riser

Installing the desk riser is super easy. After you open the styrofoam enclosure, unwrap the desk riser and keyboard tray.

Next, place the sit stand riser on your desired desk. Finally, install the keyboard tray, if you wish, by inserting the extensions into the holes under the desk.

After you’re sure the keyboard tray is fully inserted, flip the two levers to lock it into place.

Congratulations, your Flexispot desk riser is now ready to use!

Installing the Monitor Mounts

Installing the monitor mounts was a much more involved process. However, I’ll cut it down to the basics.

After unpacking the monitor mounts, you need to decide how you’ll attach it to your desk. The Flexispot desk has the mounting hole predrilled in the desk, so that was the obvious choice.

Essentially, after adding some antislip foam to the parts, you thread a piece onto the rod to lock the washer and mount to the desk.

Then, attach the monitor arms to the back of your VESA mountable monitors. You’ll have to adjust the resistance of each arm until the monitors don’t move on their own using the supplied allen wrenches.

If you wish, you can run your cable through the handy cable management system so your desk still looks tidy. Personally, I recommend some velcro cable ties to hold the cords exactly where you want them when they extend beyond the back of your Flexispot desk.

Loctek D7D Dual Arm Monitor Mount Thoughts

I really like the Loctek D7D Dual Arm Monitor Mount. It seems like a high quality product. After I made the necessary adjustments, it holds my monitors right where I want them.

The cord management covers are great and makes my desk look much neater than before. It also comes with a microphone, headphone and USB slot at the bottom of the mount for easy access.

The thing I love about the dual arm mount is you can have your monitor almost any way you wish. You can tilt it forward or backward, angle it from side to side and even turn the monitor from a horizontal orientation to a vertical orientation.

My Final Thoughts

The Flexispot sit stand compact desk riser and the Loctek D7D dual monitor mount are a great addition to my office.

If you’re looking for a sit stand desk riser to fit in a tight spot, this combination will do the trick. The minor screen shaking while typing is the biggest drawback I see that may bother some people, but it doesn’t bother me.

If you have any questions about the Flexispot 32″ compact sit stand desk riser or the Loctek D7D dual monitor mount, I’d be happy to answer them. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

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