Getting Started With Money Manifesto

20140412_160520Thanks for stopping by Money Manifesto! Since you’re just getting started here, you might want to learn more about my financial background and what inspired me to start Money Manifesto.

Once you’ve done that I bet you’re interested in what we have to offer. We’ve been working hard to provide useful information to help you along your financial journey no matter what point you’re at.

Helping You Get Out Of Debt

Are you just at the beginning of your journey and looking to get out of debt? If so, check out my twelve post series on how to get out of debt when you don’t know where to start. We know from experience that debt sucks. We paid off over $80,000 of student loan debt in less than three years, which you can read about here.

Feel More Secure With An Emergency Fund

Already out of debt and ready to move to the next step? Check out my posts about emergency funds, what they are and how they’re useful.

Learn About Ways To Save Money

Whether you’re looking for a better checking and savings account or looking for ways to save some money, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we wrote this post that shares over 123 ways to save money

Information About Investing

Looking for information about investing? I have a quick and easy post to help you learn about my investing strategy.

Retirement Is Challenging But Worth Investing For

I enjoy thinking about my future retirement and you should, too! The best way to think about a positive retirement is to make sure you’re on track. You can contemplate what type of retirement you’re aiming for then start investing! Want a quick hint? If you invest half of every raise for retirement then you won’t fall victim to as much lifestyle inflation.

Want To Buy A Home? Or Should You Rent?

Buying or renting a home is a huge decision. I’ve done both, depending on the specific circumstances, and have a great guide to help you learn the secret to whether you should buy or rent.

Enjoy Life A Little

Personal finance isn’t all serious topics with no fun. We love to go on vacation and often use credit card rewards to pay for vacations. We love to cruise and go to Disney World and share how much our trips cost!

I’d love for you to stick around and explore the site a bit more on your own. You can navigate our categories using our main menu on the top right side of the page. If you’d like to contact me, please use this link to find my email address or fill out the contact form.

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to reading your comments and feedback!

– Lance Cothern