Have You Done a Mid-Year Goals Review?

Today we welcome back our regular Thursday contributor, Jen from The Happy Homeowner!

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the year is halfway over… That’s right, 6 out of the 12 months of the year have already passed us by. Perhaps you’ve been busy with work, have been facing certain challenges, or have been floating along in a seamless drift of bliss and happiness.

No matter how you’ve been moving through the first half of this year, the half-way point is a perfect opportunity to assess the progress you’ve been making. Whether or not you actually define annual goals, it’s always good to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what you’d like to work on before the end of the year arrives.

Check Your List

In an ideal world, you’d have your goals for the year recorded somewhere and posted in a place where you can easily refer to them. If you never took this step, it’s not too late! Take some time to think about what you’d like to accomplish between now and January, and write it down.

Once it’s written, keep it visible and make sure to check in regularly both as a reminder for what you need to work on and as a motivator for reviewing what you’ve already achieved.

If your list is in place already, take some time to carefully examine where you stand with the various goals that are listed. Be brutally honest–if something hasn’t been worked on in the past 6 months, there’s a great chance that it probably won’t be a priority in the next 6. This is OK!

Goals are like budgets–fluid entities that need to be reviewed and changed when necessary. Don’t be afraid to change up something that just isn’t working, but don’t use this as an excuse to abandon something you really do need to be putting effort into.

Challenge Yourself

Part of the reason we create goals is to challenge ourselves to better our lives in some way. It’s a pointless waste of time to spend effort creating goals if you’re not going to follow through with them. If you’ve fallen off of the proverbial wagon, now is a great time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

It might not be easy to face some of your demons (such as credit card debt or taking proper care of yourself), but if you focus on the end result and how much stronger you’ll be on the other side, you might find just enough motivation to pull yourself over the first hills of doubt and discouragement.

Break it Down

If you’re struggling with a particular goal or set of goals, think of ways to break the larger goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. For my 2013 goal of improving my side business stats, I knew that this blanket statement was too vague to take actionable steps towards reaching.

I broke it down into the various benchmarks I hope to hit over the course of this year: from increasing social media numbers to boosting my online income, I listed small, realistic ways I can improve my side business over the course of 12 months.

Publicize Your Progress

If you have a side business, consider announcing monthly or quarterly recaps of your progress. Regardless of if you own a side business or not, make sure to share your goals, progress, struggles, and triumphs with the people in your life. Doing so will help you to hold yourself accountable, and it will also boost your motivation to keep moving forward in a positive way.

How are you doing with your goals this year?