Money Manifesto Blogging Income Report – March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the Money Manifesto blogging income report.

As I always mention, there are two main reasons I share these blogging income reports.

First, I want to inspire others to start online businesses of their own.

Reading blogging income reports was one of my favorite things before I started my own blog.

They were inspirational and encouraged me to start my own blog. I want my reports to help inspire others like I was once inspired.

Second, I share these monthly reports to hold myself accountable. I need to make at least $3,000 per month to keep my family’s finances in solid shape.

These reports help keep me motivated to avoid dipping below the $3,000 per month level on a regular basis.

What I Learned About Self-Employment in March 2017

As I mentioned in last month’s blogging income update, I was working to get ahead so my wife and I could take a trip to visit some family.

I was able to get far enough ahead to go on the trip without working while I was gone, but I was surprised by a feeling I had while we were on the trip.

While we were there, I was still thinking about what I could be doing with my business while I was on vacation. I had worked hard to get ahead. However, while I was vacationing, all of that hard work was slowly slipping away. When I returned home, I was no longer ahead.

I really like the feeling of being ahead, so I’m going to continue to try to work as far ahead as possible in the coming months to give myself some breathing room.

Hopefully, when I get far enough ahead I can take some time off without feeling like I lost all the progress I made while working to get ahead.

As a business owner, you’re never truly on vacation from your business.

March 2017 Blogging Income – $4,452.13

March was a decent month for my online income, coming in at $4,452.13. This is great considering we took some time off at the end of the month. Let’s dive into the different ways I earned money this month.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing continues to treat me well. I’m glad I stumbled into this source of income a few years ago. A client found my blog and asked if I’d be willing to write for their site as well. From there, I continued to grow my freelance writing efforts.

Today, freelance writing offers me a decent amount of semi-stable income. Even if I have a client with a slow month or I lose a client, I can always find more clients.

If you want to get started with freelance writing, I recommend taking Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course.

I’m about half way through it and have already learned plenty of tricks that easily will pay for the price of the course. It’s great for beginners and even has insightful tips for established freelance writers, too.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is something I hope to grow in the future, but makes me a little bit of money here and there for now.

One way I earn affiliate income is whenever someone signs up for a phone line with Republic Wireless. My readers save money, I make money and Republic Wireless gets a new customer. It’s win-win-win.

To work on growing my affiliate income, I will be taking Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course later this year.

She suggested I take it when I reach a certain portion of another course I’m currently taking. I’ve heard rave reviews from my blogger friends, so I can’t wait until I get to this point.

Branded Content

Branded content continues to make me money here and there.

When selecting who to partner with for branded content opportunities, I always make sure that my readers will have a positive experience. That’s why you don’t see branded content for investments I don’t believe in, such as forex trading.

I get plenty of offers, but I turn every single one down that doesn’t fit with my blog. This wasn’t always the case. When I was first starting, branded content was a quick way for me to make money. In fact, some months I earned thousands of dollars.

However, I decided it wasn’t worth the loss of trust if I posted something I didn’t believe in. I stopped accepting off brand posts a few years ago. If you accept branded content, make sure it fits with your blog and benefits your readers.

Traditional Advertisements

Traditional advertisements continue to deteriorate for me. I don’t make nearly as much as I used to and my traffic hasn’t been increasing enough to earn me the same amount of money.

Hopefully this changes as I work to improve my blog over the coming months.

What I’m Doing to Improve

I’ve made a big investment to improve my blog this year by purchasing Elite Blog Academy. The course costs several hundred dollars, but I think it will easily earn back that investment many times over. I’ve just gotten started with the course.

The instructor, Ruth Soukup, highly suggests going at your own place and completing all of the assignments, so that’s what I’ve vowed to do. So far, I’m impressed after completing just the first module. I’ll keep you all updated as I continue to progress.

How You Can Start Your Own Blog

Thankfully, getting started blogging isn’t very expensive. If you’ve wanted to start your own blog, you can do so by setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog on SiteGround.

I suggest locking in the $3.95 introductory monthly price for at least a year, but you can sign up for up to three years if you want to lock in your savings for longer. After your initial payment period, the price increases to $9.95 a month.

I used to recommend a different hosting solution, Bluehost, because all of the big bloggers recommended them. It turns out the main reason for the recommendation was the name recognition and the high paying affiliate income bloggers could earn.

However, Bluehost has gone downhill as far as performance and customer service goes, so I no longer recommend them unless you want rock bottom pricing for hosting.

In the beginning, Bluehost is fine. When you grow, you’ll start to see some growing pains. You really do get what you pay for. 

If you have any questions about starting a blog or my income report, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions!

Money Manifesto February 2017 Blogging Income Report

Welcome to the February 2017 edition of the Money Manifesto monthly blogging income report.

February was another decent month for my self-employment efforts.

Not groundbreaking, but more than enough to cover our family’s expenses.

Just a quick reminder of why I share these income reports.

I don’t do it to show you how easy blogging and self-employment is, because it definitely is not easy. Instead, I share these reports to show you what is possible and inspire you to live the life you want.

If that life includes blogging, you definitely can make a full time living by blogging, freelancing and other self-employment efforts online.

The second reason I share these reports is to keep myself accountable. Putting my income numbers out for everyone to see helps keep me motivated. Hopefully, it will help me grow over the coming months, as well.

What February Taught Me About Self Employment

February was a quiet month as far as blogging goes, but I knew March would be a busy month for my family on a personal note. As such, I decided to try to get ahead with both my blogging and freelancing duties.

The feeling of being ahead is just as great with work as it is with your finances. Having an emergency fund so we don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck was very freeing financially.

Similarly, I worked to get a week or two ahead with as many clients as I could, as well as on my blog. Not all clients allow me to work ahead, but being ahead with the ones I can allow me to spend more time with my family when needed.

Of course, then I have to work harder to get ahead again.

Thankfully, as a self-employed person, I can choose to work when I want and as much as I want. I never had that freedom with my day job.

February 2017 Blogging Income – $4,394.17

February was another solid month income wise with $4,394.17 in income. I continued to earn money blogging the same ways I have in months past, but hopefully that will slowly start to change over the remaining months of 2017.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a nice source of income for me. Thankfully, I have a few stable clients that have my write for them on a regular basis. This helps me with planning both my time and my income each month.

While a client could need to cut back or drop me for various reasons, I doubt all of my clients would drop me at the same time. I’d just need to look for new freelance writing work.

Usually, when I look for new work I get paid a higher rate than I’m currently making, so it may not be a bad thing if someone eventually does need to move on.

If you’re looking to get started with freelance writing, I highly recommend Holly’s course Earn More Writing. She’s a powerhouse freelance writer.

I’ve taken half of the course so far and have learned many things to apply to my freelance writing that have already paid for the price of the course.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising revenue relies heavily on my traffic. My traffic has been pretty steady, but advertising rates seem to have been declining lately. Hopefully this picks up as I’m work to grow my site and gain access to new traditional advertising partners.

If you’re just starting your own blog, I recommend starting with ads. They pay better than Adsense, at least for me, and will accept you even if you don’t have a ton of traffic to your site yet.

Affiliate Income

I continue to struggle with affiliate income, but that’s because it isn’t my focus yet. I’m currently taking Elite Blog Academy and I haven’t gotten to the monetization sections yet which should partially address affiliate income.

When I do, I’ll also be taking Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I have had several friends rave about their increased affiliate income after taking her course. If you’re interested in Michelle’s course, you can learn more here.

Branded Content

Branded content continues to work well for me. I have some great ongoing relationships that have continued to pay off. As always, I only promote branded content that I agree with and that can help my readers.

I may work on branded content more after reaching the appropriate portion of the Elite Blog Academy course.

Want to Start Your Own Blog?

If you want to start making money online, I highly suggest you start a blog of your own.

Even if you don’t end up making money directly from your blog, you can use it as a platform to advertise your services. That’s how I’ve gotten many of my freelance writing clients in the past.

In the past, I’ve recommended you should get a self-hosted WordPress site using Bluehost, as that is what the most popular bloggers recommend. However, after a bit of investigation, it turns out Bluehost doesn’t have the best track record or customer service.

Instead, big bloggers recommend Bluehost because they are relatively inexpensive, have good name recognition and have a good affiliate program. I did some digging around and found an even better solution for my readers.

If you want to start your blog, I now recommend getting a self-hosted WordPress blog using SiteGround.

SiteGround offers introductory pricing of $3.95 per month for your first invoice, so stock up  with 12, 24 or 36 months if you plan on blogging for a long time. After that, hosting with them is just $9.95 per month.

While this is slightly more expensive than Bluehost, the service and hosting is much better. You get what you pay for.

That’s it for this month. Come back next month for yet another monthly income report.

Do you have any questions for me after reading my income report? If so, leave them in the comments below!

Money Manifesto January 2017 Blogging Income Report

Welcome to the January 2017 Money Manifesto blogging income report.

Thanks for checking in this month to help keep me accountable when it comes to making money online.

As I mention every month, I share my monthly blogging income numbers to keep myself accountable for earning a decent living online.

At the same time, I share to inspire you that you, too, can make money online just like I have.

What I Learned in January

January was another interesting month. My wife and I are still adjusting to being parents. To make things even more interesting my wife had to return to work toward the end of January. To say this was a challenge is an understatement.

Thankfully, I’m still able to complete all of my essential blogging duties and still watch our son while she returns to work. That was a major part of our plan when I decided to quit my full time job to work for myself.

On the business side of things, January was a relatively quiet month. I didn’t have any huge plans other than to maintain my blogging efforts while adapting to our new life as parents. Thankfully, I had an opportunity come my way thanks to my blog, which I’ll detail below.

Here’s what you’re really reading this report for, my income for the month of January 2017.

January 2017 Blogging Income – $4,730.50

January was another solid month by my minimum income standard since I ended up making $4,730.50 and my minimum income goal is $3,000 per month. Here’s how each category of income performed for me this month.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing continues to be a solid contributor to my blogging income.

In fact, I picked up a new client this month that found me through my blog. Hopefully they’ll end up being a recurring client for me in the future. After all, recurring writing clients allow me to add a significant amount of stability into my monthly blogging income.

That said, I know freelance writing clients can also end our working relationship at any time. While I’m not currently looking for new clients, if the right person approaches me with the right opportunity, I won’t turn it down.

If I do lose a client or two though, you can bet I’d be going out to look for new writing work.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is in theory my favorite way to earn income blogging. The sad truth is, I’m not the best at it. I only have myself to blame. I have been telling myself I need to take Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course but haven’t carved the time out in my schedule. More on this later.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content continues to do decent for Money Manifesto. I don’t actively seek out sponsored content opportunities at this point, but that may change in the future. For now, I take the good opportunities that come my way.

At the same time, I avoid publishing the massive amounts of awful opportunities that would make Money Manifesto unfriendly. I only take sponsored content opportunities that will benefit you, my readers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is something that makes a small amount of money for me at this point. However, as I grow the site, I hope that the traditional advertising dollars grow with it. Once my site gets large enough, there is another ad network I want to test that may offer the improvement I’m looking for, but first I must grow.

Improving My Blogging Business

While I’m currently in maintain mode, I’m getting ready to shift into try to grow mode. To do so, there are three things I think will help me enormously. The first is Elite Blog Academy, which I’ve signed up to take. It starts soon and I’m ready to dig in to start taking Money Manifesto more seriously.

Once I get the foundation laid with Elite Blog Academy, I swear I’m going to finally go through Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. This should allow me to improve upon my affiliate income once I get a good handle on Money Manifesto from Elite Blog Academy.

Finally, I need to finish going through the Earn More Writing course by Holly. I’ve already completed half of it, but need to finish going through the course.

From what I’ve seen so far, it can help people who want to get started freelance writing as well as people like me already making thousands per month from freelance writing. If you want to take Earn More Writing, you can get it here.

You Can Start Your Own Blogging Business

My online income business started with one simple step, starting my blog. It led to great things. It helped pay down my wife’s student loan debt, provide extra income for the down payment on our home and eventually turned into my full time career.

If you’re interested in starting your own blog, you can get started by setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog on bluehost. Once you’ve started blogging, make sure to send me a link to your site. I’d love to check it out!

Do you have any questions about my income report from this month? I’d be happy to answer them. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Money Manifesto Blogging Income Report – December 2016

Welcome to the December 2016 edition of the Money Manifesto blogging income report.

As a quick reminder, I use these income reports to both hold myself accountable as well as to inspire others that you can indeed make a decent living by working online.

Lessons Learned in December 2016

The biggest lesson I learned in December about self employment was having a baby makes self employment a whole lot more interesting. I now have a little person that relies on me for everything so it’s super important that I continue earning the income I need.

It’s nice that I can work from home and watch the baby when my wife returns to work, but I’ll definitely need to carve out time to work on my business when she’s home watching the baby.

We’re very relieved we can raise our child ourselves for the first few years, but I have a feeling I’ll be a bit more productive when the baby starts school and is out of the house.

Until that happens, I need to get better at managing the time I do have available to work on the blog. I imagine I’ll have some lessons learned on that topic coming in the following months.

Blogging Income Total for December – $4,779.36

December was a decent month for my blogging income. I still have not entered a major growth mode, but I’m maintaining a very reasonable income to help support my family.

It’s amazing to me that I was still able to make this much money during one of the busier months of the year for my family. My wife and I were still adjusting to life with our new son, we moved into a new home and celebrated the holidays with family.

That said, I still continued earning income in all of the usual ways for both my freelancing and Money Manifesto.

Freelance writing has been a stable base of income that I’ve thankfully been able to rely on throughout the last year. I’m always aware that a client could no longer need my services, so I’m prepared to go find more freelance writing work when I need to do so.

However, I’d like to focus on growing my income directly from Money Manifesto in 2017, so I’m not actively seeking new writing clients. I still seriously consider any opportunities that come my way, I’m just not out looking for more freelance writing work.

If you’re interested in earning money from writing, I suggest taking Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course. I’m about halfway through it and have already picked up a lot of great tips and I’ve been freelance writing for years.

Sponsored content has continued to work well for me based on the deals I have currently arranged. I’m always open to new opportunities, but only if they’re the right fit both for myself and my readers.

Traditional advertising still isn’t a big winner for me. However, I have hope that once I start growing my site I can work with a higher paying ad network to help boost my income in this area.

Finally, affiliate income continues to be an area I’d like to expand. I do make some money from affiliate income, but I know others are killing it.

That’s it for December’s income report. As always, if you have any questions shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

November 2016 Money Manifesto Blogging Income Report

Welcome to another Money Manifesto blogging income report!

I share my income every month without fail for two reasons. Reason one is to inspire others. Reason two is to hold myself accountable.

This month’s income report is going to be a short one. We’re preparing for the holidays, settling in to our new home and putting the finishing touches on cleaning our apartment.

To top it all off, we have family coming in town today and we have to get ready for them, too!

Major Plans For 2017

I’ve already started thinking about 2017 and I’ve come to two conclusions. The first is I need to spend more time on Money Manifesto to grow it.

This past year has been about everything besides the blog. We sold two houses, built a home, moved twice and had our first child! If that isn’t a busy year, I don’t know what is. So, next year, one of my main focuses will be growing the blog.

To do that, my other conclusion is I need to start investing in my blog if I want it to grow. Yes, you can bootstrap and grow a blog, but there comes a point where spending money can help accelerate that growth. That’s where I feel I am at in my blogging journey now.

Ok, time to get to November’s income!

November Blogging Income – $3,318.43

November was another decent month for blogging income. I didn’t hit it out of the park by any means, but I exceeded the minimum amount of income my family needs easily.

I continued to earn income through freelance writing, affiliate income, traditional advertisements and sponsored content. For more on these types of income, check out my October blogging income report.

Well, this was a short report, but expect longer reports with more juicy information in 2017!

Do you have any questions about my blogging income? Feel free to ask in the comments below or send me an email.