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You Should Tip Doctors, Lawyers And Accountants, Too!

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I thought my last rant about tipping would satisfy my disdain for America’s new tipping culture for a while.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, tipping isn’t just completely out of control. Instead, tipping guidelines have become a laughing matter! At least that’s what I do when I read them.

What brought up this wonderful revelation? This article by CNN Money about 5 People You Might Not Tip (But Should)

In the article, Diane Gottsman, an “etiquette expert” suggests you should tip the following:

  • The exterminator
  • The cable guy
  • The spray tanner
  • The dry cleaner
  • The road service employee

I don’t know about you, but not one single person on this list will ever get a tip from me. EVER.

I honestly thought it was a joke, but it isn’t April Fool’s day. If you’re wondering why these people should be tipped, you’re asking the right question.

These people are paid to do a job by their employers.

Tips should not ever enter into the picture. As for whether I’m following proper etiquette or not, I honestly don’t care one bit.

It might be “proper” to drink tea with my pinky in the air while balancing on one leg, but you’ll never see me do it!

Would you ever consider tipping your doctor, lawyer or accountant? Why not?! If you’d tip anyone on this list, you might as well tip every person you ever come across.

  • You should tip your grocery store cashier for ringing up your groceries.
  • Tip the cart pusher for bringing carts in the store.
  • Tip the gas station clerk for making sure that the Slurpee machine is running.
  • Tip your real estate agent, on top of their commission, for selling you something.
  • Tip your car salesman for making sure your monthly payment is a bit higher than you wanted.
  • Tip the cook at the fast food restaurant for not spitting in your food.

Hell, tip your Congressperson for running for office. That ought to do the trick although it might be considered a bribe and get you in hot water.

I completely understand why we tip restaurant servers. They get paid a very small wage under the normal minimum wage and tips are considered part of their compensation.

As long as tipping doesn’t get out of control, I can deal with that. However, you should use your common sense as for who else you tip and who you don’t.

Don’t ever feel pressured to give someone a tip simply because they’re asking for it. They may look at you weird, but you aren’t obligated to tip anyone.

If you were obligated to tip, tips would be calculated as part of your bill and you wouldn’t be able to remove them.

Otherwise, use your own judgment on when and where to tip. Don’t let society pressure you into giving your hard earned money away just because everyone else thinks it’s the right thing to do.

Be an individual and make up your own mind.

What do you think about tipping everyone and their mom? Should we tip everyone person we have contact with each day?

Is there anyone on this list that you legitimately think we should tip? If so, why? Let me know. I want to know if I’m the only crazy one who thinks this list is absolutely insane.

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