Why Do People Spend So Much Money Buying Sports Apparel?

spend money on sports apparelPeople spend crazy amounts of money supporting their favorite sports teams.

When I was a kid, I always wanted the sports jerseys of my favorite players and other apparel that showed my support for my favorite teams.

However, now that I have to pay for the branded team apparel, I no longer want it.

Clearly, I’m now in the minority. Especially in the south.

Sports Apparel Is Expensive

Sports apparel is far from cheap.

If you only buy properly licensed apparel, you’ll very rarely find discounts.

Even if you find a sale, the full price is outrageous so the sale brings the apparel down to a still high price.

If the cost of the apparel itself wasn’t too expensive for you, then the constant need to update it may push you over the edge of your financial cliff.

Teams are constantly redesigning their logos and players are constantly switching teams. If your favorite player gets traded to your team’s rival, you’ll likely never wear that jersey again.

Sports Teams Get Your Money When You Buy Apparel

Part of the reason sports apparel costs so much money involves the fact that the teams get money by licensing their logos to the apparel makers. That means that every time you buy a piece of branded sports apparel, part of the money goes back to the billionaire owners of the sports teams you support.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think they need any more money. Especially my hard earned money!

Does Sports Apparel Bring Joy?

Recently, I’ve been focused on a few goals for my money. One of these goals involves making sure my disposable income is spent on things that bring joy to my family. Buying or wearing sports apparel doesn’t bring my family joy, so we don’t buy it.

I realize that not everyone enjoys the same things we do, but does wearing sports apparel really bring anyone joy? Do you get more enjoyment out of watching your favorite sports team play on TV while you’re wearing sports apparel versus wearing a regular shirt?

The only time I can honestly say I gained any enjoyment from wearing my favorite football team’s apparel is right after they beat one of my friend’s favorite teams so I could rub it in. Not the nicest thing ever, but at least I’m honest!

Sometimes, Sports Apparel Brings Sadness

While it might be fun to rub in my team’s victory, the exact opposite can also happen when it comes to sports apparel. If your team is having a rough year, you may not even want to wear the apparel you spent a ton of money on.

Why spend money on something you may not even want to wear if your team is performing poorly? Of course, some will say only fair weather fans will avoid wearing their sports apparel. However, if you live in a rival’s territory, you can get seriously harassed after your team loses.

You Can Be A Fan Without Owning Apparel

If you’re a true sports fan, everyone will know who your favorite teams are without having to declare which team you root for through the act of wearing sports apparel. My friends know who my favorite football team is and it isn’t because I constantly wore their logos.

Don’t waste your money helping the rich get richer if it does not bring joy to your life. Instead, spend the money on things you enjoy experiencing, like vacations. Of course, if wearing your favorite player’s jersey makes you want to dance, go for it.

Do you spend money on sports apparel? Do you stick with generic team gear or do you get your favorite player’s jersey? If you don’t spend your disposable income on sports gear, what do you spend it on? Let me know you thoughts in the comments below!

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