The Benefits Of Having Regular Local Business Relationships

I’d always try to get the best deal on each transaction I made when I first graduated college.

It didn’t matter if that meant I used the same business provider I had used before for a similar service.

However, I’ve recently realized that growing local business relationships can save you money in the long run although it may cost more upfront.

Here are a few recent examples from our lives.

Having A Regular Vet

When we first got our dog, Daphne, we took her to the local vet for a checkup. Unless something went wrong or she needed a shot, we didn’t take her in to the vet for anything else. Instead, we’d find a cheaper way to take care of the issue.

However, Daphne has severe allergies and occasionally needs steroids and antibiotics to help her recover from particularly bad flare ups.

Since we now use one vet exclusively, he knows about Daphne’s flare ups and doesn’t require us to pay a visit fee to get the medications she needs.

Instead, we just call and ask for the medications and go pick them up while letting Daphne relax at home. Vet visit fees can be expensive, so we’re glad we can skip them when all she needs are some simple medications.

Using The Same Company

You can get similar benefitsĀ for using the same company when it comes to other transactions. Of course, you need to be able to build a relationship with the company.

This works best with local companies that have employees you interact with on a regular basis. Don’t expect the benefits, but they are nice when they happen.

Over the last few years we have used the same home inspection company for all of our home inspection needs. The company has performed multiple home inspections and insurance inspections for us over the last five years.

Recently I needed an inspection done on a new, updated form even though my house hadn’t changed one bit.

I called the home inspection company and the owner offered to do it free of charge because it would take very little work on his end.

We’ll be sure to continue using this home inspection company and recommend him to all of our friends and family. It’s amazing what a nice gesture and great customer service will do to help you get a great reputation in your community.

Get Recommendations From Locals

Another benefit of growing local business relationships is getting recommendations.

We’ll be getting one of our properties painted in the near future but we didn’t have any idea who to use. I called one company I found online but they wanted a high price to paint our home.

Luckily, the home inspector was able to recommend someone he personally used for his home. I called up the recommended business and got a much more reasonable quote. The local business was even able to fit me in their tight schedule because I mentioned I was referred by the home inspector.

I’m definitely realizing local business connections can pay off. Sometimes it costs more to deal with local businesses, but it can pay off in the long run.

I definitely don’t shop local for everything, but I’m starting to be able to determine when it makes sense and when it doesn’t.

Have you ever benefited from having relationships with local businesses? I’d love to hear your stories.

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