September 2016 Money Manifesto Blogging Income Report

Welcome to the September 2016 Money Manifesto blogging income report.

It’s almost November and I’m just now getting around to publishing my September income report, so you know I’ve been busy.

Unfortunately, all of that busy hasn’t been on the blogging side of things.

However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m really looking forward to 2017.

It should be a big year for more than one reason on both the personal and professional side. Let’s take a look at what I learned in September.

What I Learned About Self Employment

September was a good month professionally as both my wife and I were able to attend FinCon, an amazing money blogger and media conference, in San Diego toward the end of the month. It was a beautiful location and the conference was amazing.

The biggest thing I continue to learn about FinCon is self employment can be made a lot easier by building relationships. At FinCon, both Tori and I were able to meet face to face with both new blogging friends and people we’ve known for years.

I’ve found that having the in person connection makes any connection made online much stronger. People are more willing to help you or simply open your emails when they know the person behind the keyboard.

Another great aspect of meeting people face to face is helping each other.

I was able to help multiple people accomplish some of their FinCon goals while at the conference. I helped some newer bloggers connect with more seasoned bloggers and I helped some people find some additional freelance work.

I also was able to connect with people that wanted to help me, too. I have a few more friends to reach out to if I’m ever looking for more freelance writing work. Those connections are priceless.

Now, let’s get to the fun part and see how much money I made in September 2016.

September Self Employment Income – $3672.94

September was another acceptable, but not great, month for me as I made $3672.94.

As I mentioned, my wife and I took a week to visit San Diego for FinCon and a bit of fun, so I didn’t have a full month’s worth of working time. When you’re self-employed you don’t get paid vacation.

Freelance Writing

Every month I continue to make money from freelance writing from my regular clients. This is a great way to get started with self-employment.

If you find stable clients, you’ll at least have a base level of income you can rely on. Even if you lose one of your clients, you can usually pick up another client in a short amount of time to replace that income.

I recently started taking Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course to learn some tricks to earn more income. Holly earns over $200,000 per year freelance writing, so you know she knows the industry well.

I’ve gotten through half of the course so far and I’m really impressed.

It helps new freelance writers get started from nothing and it also helps people who have been writing for years, like me. I picked up a few great tips I’ll be sure to use and it will easily cover the cost of the course.

If you’re interested in getting started or improving your income from freelance writing you should totally consider Holly’s Earn More Writing course. You can sign up here.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is an amazing way to earn money, but I’m no expert at it by any means. Basically, when people buy a product or service after using a link on my site, I may receive a small commission for that sale.

The best part it, the prices are the same for you. I just get an advertising fee for sending you to that company. It helps me continue to provide great content while sharing products and services I believe in.

Of course, with affiliate marketing, it only makes sense to promote products and service I believe in. After all, it wouldn’t be a great fit if I promoted a service and my readers hated it. If they did, my blog would be very unsuccessful.

I still make a bit of money each month from affiliate marketing, but there are a few things I know I need to do to up my game. One of those things is taking Michelle’s affiliate income course which I currently have in the works.

I’ll report back once I get a bit deeper into the course.

Branded Content

Branded content is a great way for both newer and more experienced bloggers to make money. Companies will pay to have you write about their products or services. I only take on these assignments when I believe in a brand and can give 100 percent honest feedback.

If someone asks me to write a piece of branded content but only mention the positives and not the negatives, I’ll turn down that opportunity in a heart beat. It’s the same way as with affiliate marketing. You should only promote brands you believe in.

Traditional Advertisements

Traditional advertisements, mostly banner ads you see on this site, continue to make a small amount of money for me. In order for me to increase this, I need to dramatically increase my traffic.

I have a plan to do this for 2017, but it will require a lot of work. Hopefully it will increase income in other areas of my site, as well.

Start Your Own Blog

Part of the reason I write these income reports is to inspire others to start their own blogs. I personally started my blog after reading income reports from other bloggers. I’m glad I did, because now it is my full time job.

Personally, I recommend starting a self-hosted WordPress blog with BlueHost. It’s one of the cheaper hosts available and getting started is relatively simple. In fact, I plan on making a detailed step by step guide in the next month or so to help guide you through the process.

However, if you want to get started today, you can get your self-hosted account on BlueHost today for just a few dollars per month. My favorite tip is to pay for at least one year of hosting to make sure you’re committed to the process.

It takes a few months to get going, and paying for the year up front will get you a better monthly price and hopefully keep you from getting discouraged and quitting right before you hit your blogging stride.

October is almost over, so expect another blogging income report from me soon!

What questions do you have about how to make money blogging? I’d love to answer anything I can.

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  1. Thanks for the update Lance! It sounds like FinCon was a blast, and glad the prospects of 2017 are looking bright. I’ve heard Michelle’s affiliate income course is really valuable so I will be eager to hear how that goes.

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