Resist the Urge to Upgrade Furnishings in Your New Home

Ever since we signed our death pledge and moved into our new home, we have had the urge to upgrade our furnishings.

I’m sure this is a common feeling when you move into a new home. In our case, the new house is much larger, has an extra bedroom, an extra full bathroom and most of the rooms are larger.

There is also a lot more natural light since we now live in a single family home instead of the townhouse that we bought on a whim.

Since this new space is so different than our the one we’ve been used to, it seems like the furniture and decorations we have don’t quite fit.

Our new living room is much larger and would be awesome for a sweet sectional. My 42″ TV seems a lot smaller now that it is further away from our old couches. Even our bookcases seem a bit out of place.

So did we go out and replace it all immediately? Nope!

Resist the Urge to Upgrade!

Instead of going out and buying all new furnishings we’re currently resisting the urge to upgrade. The main reason for us is we’re still adjusting to our new house. We’ve only lived here for a few short months and we’re learning the ins and outs of our new space.

Why is it so important to learn the quirky things about your new place before you go our and buy a bunch of new furnishings? The main reason we’re waiting is so we can figure out what we do and don’t like about our new space.

We’re figuring out where the warmer and colder spots of the house are as well as where the light hits at different times of the day.

It’d stink to set up our brand new living room and then, after spending a few grand on awesome furnishings, figure out that the light comes in the room wrong all afternoon and completely ruins your TV watching experience.

You could also find out that your new spot for that oversized sectional couch is right under the HVAC vent and you can’t stand it when they blow on you.

It’d be even worse if the furniture couldn’t be rearranged or could only be rearranged in a way that makes your new space awkward.

The Financial Benefit to Resisting the Urge

There is another side benefit to waiting a while to upgrade your furnishings in your new home. It’ll probably take a few months to figure out the quirks of your house and during that time you can be searching to find that perfect piece of furniture to your new house.

You can be searching garage sales, craigslist and even regular retail stores for amazing deals. You might find that perfect piece at a bargain because you gave yourself time to find the perfect furnishings for your new home at the right price.

The Most Awesome Conclusion You Can Come To

All of this talk of upgrading and finding the perfect piece of furniture sounds great, but there is an even better conclusion that you can come to.

After a few months of living with your old furniture in your new home, you might figure out it works a lot better in the new space than you thought it would.

Why is this the most awesome conclusion? You get to keep your well-tested, quality furniture AND you get to save a bunch of money at the same time. I’m secretly rooting for this to happen to us… but don’t tell Tori!

Whenever you have moved have you felt the urge to upgrade your furnishings? How did it turn out for you and how did you go about upgrading to new stuff? Any advice to find awesome deals? I might need it…

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  1. Yep, this is totally a normal urge. My wife has had it every time we’ve move. If you can fight it, you will save yourself a bunch of moolah!

  2. This is definitely a normal urge! When we moved into our house we felt like we had alllll this empty space. We moved from a 2 BR townhouse to a 3 BR, 2.5 Bath house. We’ve been in our house for about 9 months now and somehow our existing furniture has filled out the spaces nicely. I’m sure we’ll add a few things here and there but I’m glad we didn’t run out and buy all new furniture.

  3. When we moved from our starter home to a much larger home, we had the same problem. Some rooms looked as though they could use some additional pieces and others were fine. We took our time to finish it and it was fine. It was a good way to take advantage of sales or other ways to get the right price for purchases.

  4. We saw this too when we moved in to our house several years ago and I think it can be an ongoing issue. We just saw it ourselves last month when we bought our new mattress and we wanted other new things. I think it comes down to balance and not giving in to that urge.

  5. Kyle @ Debt Free Diaries says:

    When I first moved out of my parent’s house into the apartment I live in now, I didn’t have any furniture so everything was an upgrade! Leslie and I bought some cheap furnishings from Walmart to start and eventually upgraded our futon to a bed and got better bedding that fit the space. We live in a studio so most furniture purchases are being held off until we get a place with a living room and bedroom in separate places.

  6. I definitely think it’s normal and easy to want new everything in a new house. I’m just moving out on my own and luckily my parents are moving, but they aren’t taking their old furniture (honestly it’s been around my entire life so I think they deserve it, plus they’re using the money they’re getting from the sale of the house toward it) so I get hand-me-downs! I’m perfectly fine with this for now, as we did some shopping around and I can’t believe some of the prices for the simplest of things.

    I have a queen bed & futon of my own, my parents are getting us a coffee table (less than $100), we got cheap end tables off Amazon for $35 each, and we are using my parents’ kitchen set. Once my parents move, my dad is hoping to have enough room for a shop where he will be making some furniture pieces so that should be nice.

  7. It took us over 3 years to furnish our living room, buying 1 big thing per year. (Couch + Chair, then coffee table, then entertainment console) It’s been really nice stretching out the purchases since it feels so fun to have something new! Eventually we’ll probably get more finishing touches like headboards for the beds and matching end tables, etc, but we’re definitely in no rush. It’s not like we’re going anywhere!

  8. I definitely resisted the urge to buy new furnishings when we bought our house. J never got the urge. Eventually, I might want to buy a desk for the office but we dont’ have one right now so it won’t be a replacement.

  9. If something’s not broken, why fix it? There’s no really need to upgrade furnishings if they are still serving their purpose. Think it through first if you really need to and don’t just give in to impulse.

  10. Last February we moved to our new custom built home and I actually have to rein in my husband from buying new stuff. We have many more rooms in this place than our former one and he wanted to go out and buy everything new immediately. We did get some new pieces but kept the old. He got a new desk for his office but I inherited his old one for my library. Hubby is also the type that wants ever inch of wall space occupied and I think that some blank spaces is just fine. Lot of compromising going on here.

    • We have a lot of blank spaces right now. We’re trying to figure out what we want to hang and where to hang it 🙂 We’re slow at that type of stuff, though. Definitely understand needing to fill new rooms, but it can be done over time 🙂

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