Monthly Blogging Income Report for February 2016 – $6,675

Here's my monthly income report where I detail how I make money at home! Last month I made $6,675 by blogging at home. I share exactly how I make money online, detailing each source of income. I make money blogging and I share how you can, too. Find out my tricks today!Welcome to my second monthly blogging income report!

I’m happy to share with you exactly how I made money online this past month with my blogging adventures.

Hopefully this inspires you to start earning some extra money on the side, even if you don’t want to start a blog or work online like I do.

Why I Share Income Reports

First off, I thought I’d share why I started writing income reports. I’m using these monthly reports as a way to stay motivated and accountable.

I want to continue growing my online blogging business. Sharing how I’m doing with the world helps keep me motivated to continue improving.

Hopefully, these reports inspire you to grow your income, too. In fact, I started after being inspired by income reports from some bloggers that I’m now happy to call my friends.

If you’re inspired and want to start your own blog, you can get started today by getting your own self-hosted WordPress blog through Bluehost.

I’m Not An Overnight Success

Despite what it may seem, I am not an overnight success. I started Money Manifesto way back in 2012 and have worked very hard to get it to this point.

While I did start making money within the first few months of launching, I wasn’t making anywhere near the money I have made these last two months since I started publishing income reports.

It took hard work, but it was totally worth it to build this blog and become self-employed.

Self-Employment Has Allowed Great Flexibility

One reason I wanted to make the jump to self-employment was to have more flexibility with my schedule.

My old job, like most jobs, required me to be in an office Monday through Friday for eight or more hours per day. Now that I’m self-employed, I still have to work but can work when I want to.

This past month that flexibility has been super helpful. I’ve had the opportunity to help my family with some time consuming tasks that could only be accomplished during regular business hours.

Had I been at my old job, I wouldn’t have been able to help without taking vacation days. Thankfully, being self-employed has allowed me to help when my family needs help.

Now, on to the fun part of this income report!

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February 2016 Income Report – $6,675

February 2016 was my highest income month ever coming in at $6,675! I was super excited when I sat down to add up to numbers for this post. I left my full-time job in November 2015 and since then my income has increased every single month.

It will be interesting to see how March turns out, though. February had a few one time items that probably won’t be happening every month, so it may be difficult to repeat February’s awesome performance in March.

Of course, I hope to eventually be making at least $10,000 or more per month blogging so I’ll have to eventually find more ways to grow my income even higher.

Here’s exactly what I did to earn $6,675 this month.

Traditional Ads

Traditional ads are the banners you see on almost every website on the internet these days. I get paid in different ways depending on which ad is shown.

While this isn’t a majority of my income, it is the easiest way I make money. All I do is put the ads up and let the money roll in.

Branded Content

Branded content is a bit more difficult, but it isn’t super hard. Generally, a brand will approach me and ask if I’d be willing to write a post either about their product or write a post and then mention their product somewhere in the post.

I only accept branded content that I feel would help you, my readers. A recent example is my collaboration with Block Advisors.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is tough to break into, but once you get going you can begin to see amazing results.

Basically, I make affiliate income by putting links on my blog that lead to a product page of an advertiser. If someone signs up for or buys that product through my link, I earn a commission.

The nice thing about affiliate marketing is I get to promote products and services I believe will help readers and I can get paid for doing so.

The products and services you buy cost the same whether you buy through my link or if you go straight to the website itself, so there is no disadvantage for you to purchase anything through my links.

An example of affiliate advertising on my blog is the cell phone provider Republic Wireless. My wife and I both use Republic Wireless and think they’re a great company that saves us (and can save you) hundreds of dollars per year on your cell phone bill.

If you purchase a new service line through my link, they pay me a commission for sending you their way. Everyone wins. Republic Wireless gets a new customer, you get to save a ton of money on your cell phone bill and I get a small commission.

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Freelance Writing

While I don’t earn money from freelance writing directly from my blog, Money Manifesto has played a huge part in my freelance writing success. If you want to become a freelance writer, clients will generally ask for samples of your work.

My first freelance writing client actually found me and asked if I wanted to write for them because they enjoyed the posts here on Money Manifesto. Since that first client, I’ve applied for a few freelance writing gigs.

Now, when I’m asked for writing samples, I can give samples of my work from both my site and from articles that I have had published on my clients’ sites.

As I’ve gained experience, the pay from freelance writing has increased. I started out making $60 per post and my rates have increased ever since.

I was able to start at $60 per post because of my blogging experience, but if you don’t have any experience you should be able to start around $25 per post or more with some great writing samples.

Want to Start Making Money? Start Your Own Blog

I never would have made a penny online if I hadn’t started this blog. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision when I initially signed up for a whole year of self-hosting, but it turns out to be the best decision I ever made, well other than marrying my wife.

Being self-hosted allowed me to earn my first ever dollar online. If I had picked a free blogging platform, the opportunity to sell an ad in my sidebar never would have happened and I’d probably still be working in an office.

Self-hosting allowed my site to look more professional by having my own web address and the ability to sell my own ad space. By being self-hosted, you own your site and don’t have to play by the rules of the free platforms. You can do whatever you want.

I suggest all new bloggers start on self-hosted WordPress for those reasons. Plus, you’ll save yourself the headache of switching later once you realize self-hosted is the way to go.

If you want to start a blog, get started by buying your self-hosted website on Bluehost today.

Don’t doubt yourself and go ahead and get the one year package to save on the overall cost per month. Additionally, purchasing the one year package will also make sure you stick with your site for the long run, as it may take a few months to hit your blogging stride.

If you’re ready to start a new chapter and make money online, get started on Bluehost today.

What questions do you have for me, either about how I make money online or how you can get started making money online yourself? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Hey Lance,

    Congrats on a kickin’ month! Your income report is awesome and I’m happy you decided to share with the rest of us. I’m considering affiliate income on some level in the future so ANY advice you can give on future reports would be most welcome:)

    • Thanks Latoya! Affiliate income can be a bit tricky to get a handle on, but once you get going it is great! The biggest thing is getting people to the articles where you have affiliate products for sale. If you can get people to the site and the product or service is what the reader is looking for, it’s a win-win-win situation.

  2. Impressive income results, congrats. Nice write up and especially pointing out that you started your site in 2012 and it took time and work to get where you are today. I think too many people believe online income should come immediately and then lose their motivation when it doesn’t work out that way.

    • I definitely didn’t make what I make now in my first few months. I started getting $100+ months after probably month 3 or 4 if I remember right, but some of the ways I used to make money don’t pay as well as they do now.

  3. Thank you for a helpful blog report. I noticed the adds on this post. Have you been happy using them?

    • Ads have been going downhill for me lately, but that’s the same with Adsense and Once I have some time to work on my pageviews I’m going to reevaluate and see if there are any specialized networks that would do better.

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