Money Manifesto Blogging Income Report – June 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Money Manifesto blogging income report.

I’m glad you’ve checked in to see how I did last month. It helps keep me accountable to my income goals.

I hope it also inspires you that you can make money online. I was once a skeptic, but now I’m a believer.

After all, blogging and freelance writing is my full time job.

Thankfully, June was a much better month than both April and May were.

However, before we get to the numbers, let’s see what I learned in June.

What I Learned About Self-Employment This Month

In June I realized something I have known deep down for a while, but didn’t want to admit. I work better with deadlines.

I have a love hate relationship with deadlines. Deadlines help ensure I get things done. However, they usually add a bit of dread and stress until I complete a task.

Naturally, some of the tasks that can help my business most are also the tasks I typically procrastinate prior to completing. They just aren’t as fun or require me to step outside of my comfort zone.

In the future, I think I’m going to start adding some self imposed deadlines for tasks that need to get done.

Hopefully this results in more blog traffic and more blog income down the road.

A Small Website Tweak

I also made a small website tweak at the end of June that I hope will eventually result in more website traffic and more blog income. I made the switch from an “unsecure” http website to a “secure” https website.

In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter at all for my site. My readers don’t input any sensitive information, so there is no need for my site to be secure.

However, Google has decided that eventually all sites should be secure sites. So, in an effort to get ahead of the game, I went ahead and switched.

June 2017 Blogging Income – $4,285.50

June was a much better month than both April and May where I didn’t break my $3,000 minimum income goal. In total, I made $4,285.50 in June.

One of the big factors that resulted in the increased income was my new freelance writing client. I wrote a few pieces for them for the first time this month.

It seems like things are going well so far, so hopefully this additional income continues and grows, too.

Freelance Writing

As I mentioned above, my new freelance writing client really helped me out this month. I only take on a few freelance writing clients at a time right now. However, when my son eventually goes to school, I should have more time to take on even more clients.

If you want to get started freelance writing, it really isn’t that hard. First, I’d get some experience by starting your own blog.

You can use your blog to showcase your writing skills. Once you have a few great articles up, you can use those as examples to start landing clients.

If you want a step by step on how to earn money freelance writing, I highly suggest checking out Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing┬ácourse.

Even experienced freelance writers can pick up enough tips to increase their income and easily pay for the course.

Traditional Advertisements

Traditional advertisements still make up a tiny portion of my monthly income. However, they do bring in some income.

Once I get to the traffic building section of Elite Blog Academy, I hope to be able to apply to better ad networks that can help me increase this income substantially.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income has remained pretty steady for me over the last few months. It isn’t great, but it definitely helps pay the bills.

I see affiliate income as a win for everybody. My readers are exposed to new products and services that I truly believe can help them. My advertisers make additional sales and I get a small cut of those sales while you, the readers, still pay the same price.

I’m slowly progressing through Elite Blog Academy which means I’m getting closer to the point where I take Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing┬ácourse. Between the two, I expect my affiliate income to increase as I continue progressing through these courses.

I’m hoping switching to a secure site will help me gain a bit more traffic to my affiliate income posts. Only time will tell.

Branded Content

Branded content is something I take part in every now and again. Basically, an advertiser wants me to feature their product or service in exchange for a fee. Unfortunately, many opportunities are complete junk.

However, I weed through the junk and only pick the best opportunities to feature on my site. My rule of thumb is I’ll only take these if I believe in them or would have written about them anyway.

Start Your Own Blog

Part of the reason I share these income reports is to show you that you, too, can earn money online.

If you want to get started, the best way is usually starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Even if you don’t want to make money blogging and instead want to earn income from online freelance writing or using some other skill, having a blog with a portfolio of your work is a great way to land new clients.

Personally, I recommend getting a self-hosted WordPress blog through SiteGround. SiteGround has a great product and solid customer service to back it up. The price is reasonable, too.

If you’re completely clueless about how to start a blog like I once was, I’ve completed an extensive guide that shows you exactly how to get your blog started on SiteGround. Check it out.

You may be wondering why I don’t recommend the super popular BlueHost. Like many bigger bloggers, I once recommended BlueHost. Slowly, BlueHost went downhill until their product and customer service were both severely lacking.

When that happened, I decided to recommend a better product with SiteGround.

Unfortunately, many bigger bloggers have continued to stick with BlueHost because of the name recognition, dirt cheap price and higher affiliate payouts.

You get what you pay for. For only a few dollars more, you can have a much better hosting experience which is well worth it in my opinion.

That’s about it for this month’s income report. As always, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions!

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