It’s Not A Personal Attack – It’s Just Money

A few things have happened over the last year that get me really mad.

I’m not going to name a specific circumstance to protect those people.

However, all of them involved someone else doing something that would end up costing me hundreds or thousands of dollars.

People & Companies Don’t Always Do The Right Thing

What made me mad was the total lack of respect these people and companies showed toward both me and my money. These situations were not hard to figure out at all.

There was a clear path where someone could have done the right thing or they could do the wrong thing which would make their lives easier or more financially beneficial at the detraction of my own life or money.

In these cases, the people and company chose to make their lives easier and finances better. It wasn’t the right thing to do, no matter how you look at it, but they made the decision and I had to live with it.

Why I Got So Upset

What made me so upset in these situations was the large amount of money I had at stake. I work hard to earn my money. I work hard to save and invest my money.

Other people shouldn’t have the power to take that money away by making decisions, but they can and do. It would make me so mad and honestly it was a bit ridiculous.

This past week I finally figured out what I need to do about these situations.

It’s Just Money

I finally realized that there is no point in getting majorly upset over these situations. Getting upset because others aren’t doing the right thing isn’t worth my time. Even though it pains me to lose money, I need to quit getting upset and dwelling on these situations.

Of course, I should try to do everything I can to make my finances right and get the company to do the right thing.

What I Now Do Instead

Instead of getting upset and losing my focus, I should instead work toward finding a solution.

After I’ve gotten as far along as possible to finding that solution, I should simply quit thinking about the situation instead of dwelling over it and getting more upset.

By simply refocusing my effort, I can work to earn even more money. I could potentially earn even more than I lost through someone else’s efforts.

Will It Work?

Will this work? Time will tell, but I’m very optimistic. It helps that I finally realized that these people aren’t doing this specifically to make me angry or upset.

They’re doing what they think is in their best interests, even if it isn’t in my best interests.

Rather than waste my time being mad or upset at them, I just need to move on and make up for it in other ways like earning more money.

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Lance Cothern, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the founder of Money Manifesto. You can read more about him here or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.


  1. It can be so frustrating when you know someone isn’t being honest or fair. You are definitely taking a positive approach by choosing to respond optimistically.

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