Improve Your Finances By Freeing Your Mind

Do you have something on your to do list that has been bugging you for weeks, months or years? I have and it has slowly driven me crazy over the last two years. I thought I had put it out of my mind, but there was a small part of me that always knew the item hadn’t been crossed off of my to do list. I recently marked that item off of my to do list and my mind feels a little freer with one less thing to occupy my thoughts.

How Does Freeing Your Mind Help Your Finances?

Freeing your mind can help your finances tremendously! You only have a finite amount of willpower each day. As you go throughout each day, your willpower decreases as you use it up. These little nagging to do items can really suck up that willpower without you even realizing it!

If you had just a little more willpower, you might be able to save just a little bit more or spend just a little bit less. Then, as you add that up, day after day, you can save a bunch of money over a year!

So what was this thing that was bugging me and how has it freed up my willpower?

I’ve Wanted To Fix Or Sell My Motorcycle For Years

About two years ago, my motorcycle blew over and was damaged beyond what my limited mechanical skills could fix. I tried for a couple months to fix it myself, but I just couldn’t do it. My next thought was I’d take it to a motorcycle repair shop to get it running again, but my wife had multiple foot surgeries and wouldn’t be able to ride with me. Part of me couldn’t handle the fact that I thought a repair shop would over charge me, too. So I didn’t get it fixed.

Instead the motorcycle sat, first in my driveway at my old house and recently in my garage in our new home. If you know anything about motorcycles, you know never to let them sit because they’ll slowly degrade and need a ton of work to get running again. Two years later, it still sat in my garage and it still didn’t run. However, over the last month I finally took some action to resolve the issue.

I posted some pictures on a motorcycle forum to get a value of the motorcycle in the condition it was in. Once I had that information, I added a couple hundred bucks and listed it on craigslist for sale. Within 36 hours the motorcycle was sold for the top end of the range my motorcycle forum friends suggested! That was way easier than I had built it up to be in my head.

Determined To Get More Nagging Things Done!

Now that I’ve finally sold my motorcycle, I feel determined to get even more nagging items off of my to do list! I don’t want to worry about these silly things that can be taken care of with just a little effort. Next up is getting my wife’s motorcycle fixed at a shop so we can sell that, too! Once that’s done, hopefully I can work on finishing some of the more mundane tasks around our house.

You can do the same thing and free up willpower by knocking nagging items off of your to do list. Hopefully the boost in willpower will help your finances out too!

Do you have any nagging items on your to do list that is sucking up your willpower? Has it led you to make any bad financial decisions?

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  1. I operate in the reverse. Freeing my finances has freed my mind. Since we became debt free, I have so much more peace of mind because I’m not worrying about how to pay our bills. But I can certainly see how making a decision and then acting on it creates the same result.

  2. Bye pretty motorcycle! I hope you were able to ride it a lot before it broke!

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