How My Credit Card Saved Me Over $250

A few weeks ago I confessed to you about how I fell for a too good to be true wedding dress that I bought online. The original dress cost me $257. Then I ended up buying a new dress which ended up being another $645.

I was really bummed because the two dresses together were nearly one third of my total wedding budget. The $257 I lost on the first dress sure did put a dent in my already tight wedding budget and was making it difficult to figure out where to cut other areas of the budget.

I tried my hardest to sell the first dress online, but I had no such luck because it is such an awful dress. So what did I do?

I Read The Fine Print

Up until I met Lance, I never really paid that much attention to the fine print of my credit cards. He of course made me read it and it amazed me when I saw all the additional benefits that credit card companies offer. Unfortunately, these mostly go unnoticed by the general public. Some of the many unknown benefits are up to additional one year warranty on certain products, rental car insurance, discounts, and right now my favorite, fraud protection.

I knew that credit card companies offered fraud protection, but I only thought of it as the someone stole my card type of fraud. Then one of our readers, Mrs PoP, made a great comment on my original post and it opened my eyes. They saved the day! Credit card companies also offer fraud protection for instances where companies that misrepresent items that they sell, which is exactly what I had experienced when I bought my first wedding dress online.

Before I contacted the credit card company, I emailed the online company and stated I felt they misrepresented my dress, and that I expected a full refund including the shipping. I also asked for them to send me a return shipping label and I would send the dress back to them.

Their response? They told me to put the dress on and take pictures of myself and send the pictures to them. That’s crazy! They didn’t even address my request to send the return shipping label. So the dress is still hanging in the guest room closet.

Filing A Credit Card Transaction Dispute

The next day, I called my credit card company and asked to speak with someone in the dispute department. They quickly transferred me and asked me a few simple questions about the situation. I was instructed that I was going to receive a short form in the mail, to fill it out, and immediately send it back to them. The form was two pages, and was very easy to fill out. It asked me to explain the situation, if I had contacted the company, and what their response was.

Just a couple of days after sending the form back to my credit card company, I received a phone call from my credit card representative. The dispute department employee stated that the money was credited back to my account and they would take care of it from there. That was it. A few short minutes of my time and I got my $257.83 back. Who knew it would be that easy and stress free! When in need, just ask!

Running Total: $1,850

Venue: $100 – Dress: $645 – Photographer: $800 – Officiant: $185 – Bouquet and Boutonnière: $120

Have you ever read the fine print of your credit card? Did you know about those extra benefits or need to use them? I would love to hear your experiences!

** Wedding Update ** This just in! Lance’s parents offered to pay the $300 for the reception as our wedding gift. Yay! A little more wiggle room in the budget!

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  1. Congrats on getting your return and I need to read the fine print a lot more. I know that AMEX does this but never thought about other credit card companies. What the heck does you putting on the dress and sending them a pic have to do with anything? they are stupid.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m glad that your credit card company was so helpful. I’ve never used fraud protection but I’m glad it’s there!

  3. Nice! So glad your credit card company was able to help you out on that! =). This is why I love the PF community, we’re always sharing tips Nd tricks to help one another.

    • Yes, you have no idea how happy I was to get that money back. It may seem like chump change to some, but its a lot when planning a frugal wedding!

  4. Did you look into doing this online? I know both Chase and Discover have online dispute resolution and that way you don’t have deal with sending paper work with PII (personally identifiable information). It also seems to process a little quicker!

    • The card was actually a Chase card and they required us to send a form in… I guess their phone reps don’t know about the online form? If we ever have to do it again we’ll look into it. Thanks!

  5. I ran into something similar buying a pair of athletic shoes online. The product was a fake and they misrepresented the product. I protested with my credit company when I got a run around with the company. It was resolved very quickly. It is one of the reasons I use credit cards for all my purchases.

  6. Kyle @ Debt Free Diaries says:

    That’s awesome you were able to get your money credited back to your account. I forgot there are some extra benefits added to our credit card as well! Now I want to go find that paperwork and review it, just in case.

  7. I’m so glad you got your money back! felt really bad when I read your first post. It’s such a horrible feeling purchasing something online and then having it arrive and not being what you expect. This is a good reminder that credit cards can be a great tool beyond just making purchases.

  8. Put it on and take pictures? Umm what? They must think you’re crazy. Glad you got your money back 🙂

  9. Woohoo credit card benefits! Good thing Mrs. Pop thought about that fine print!

  10. Alex @ Searching for Happy says:

    It’s nice to hear that the fine print can work for you! Too often we hear of the fine print going only in favor of the credit card companies!

  11. It’s a great reminder for me to always read the fine print. Nothing should be left to chance as every dollar counts. I’m happy to know you got your money back.

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