How Much Our Honeymoon 7 Day Carnival Cruise Cost Us – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How Much Our Honeymoon 7 Day Carnival Cruise Cost Us. In case you missed the first part, so far we’ve spent $1,631.33 and we’re about to arrive in Port Canaveral the night before the cruise leaves. If you want to know the details, make sure to read Part 1 here. Now it is time to continue on as we arrive in Port Canaveral…

Costs In Port Canaveral

We finally arrived in Port Canaveral after hours of traveling in our car. While it would have been fun to get straight on the ship and begin our honeymoon cruise, we arrived the night before our cruise just in case we ran into unanticipated difficulties. This also allowed us to get plenty of sleep and not have to get up at an obscenely early hour to make it to the ship without worry of it leaving us behind if we hit traffic.

Due to the fact we arrived the night before, we booked a hotel room near the port that offered a pretty amazing deal. Instead of paying for both a hotel and outrageous port parking fees for the length of our cruise we found a hotel that would allow us to leave our car for the week and shuttle us to and from the ship for free…

Well nothing is free, but it was included in the cost of a one night stay at the hotel. This hotel and parking package cost us $145.89. Could we have found a cheaper hotel and cheaper parking separately? It is possible, but we wouldn’t have saved much. Parking at the port was $120 for a 7 day cruise. There were remote lots that charged less, but it wasn’t worth the hassle to us. The next morning we boarded the complementary shuttle and arrived at the Carnival Dream!

Costs At The Port And On The Carnival Dream

Once we arrived at the port our shuttle driver unloaded our luggage from the shuttle and we tipped him $2 for his help. We didn’t have to, but it is customary according to all of the research I had done on various cruise travel forums. After we had our luggage, we took it to the porters who would load our luggage onto carts that would be taken to the ship. It is a joke, but they’re in charge of making sure your luggage gets on the cart to the ship and it is customary to tip them $1 per bag as well so we tipped our porter $2 too.

Finally On The Ship – Costs On The Carnival Dream

Once we were on the Carnival Dream there were a ton of ways we could spend money. We could have bought gifts, alcohol, fancy jewelry and many other items. Luckily, we were able to keep our spending under control and only bought a few things that we had planned on.

We had resigned ourselves to paying for a few overpriced alcoholic drinks and they ended up costing us $44.62. Other than that, the only other money we spent actually on the cruise ship was a $1 tip for our free room service. You don’t have to tip, but again, it is customary to do so. It was pretty amazing, but we survived various attempts to get our money and only spent $45.62 while actually on the cruise ship!

Spending While In Ports

Everywhere you go once your cruise ship is docked in a port will involve everyone trying to make money off of you. We had been on a cruise before (read our last cruise cost trip report here) so we expected this. We did make a few purchases and tipped a few people along the way.

We spent money in a couple ways while in port. The first was on excursions and the second was purchasing a couple souvenirs of our honeymoon. While I have already accounted for the purchase price of the excursions in part 1, we did tip various guides $7 based on the level of service they provided. Some were great and others stunk, but overall we had a great time. We also spent $3 to rent a locker at one excursion to ensure our belongings wouldn’t be messed with by a hundred or so other tourists at one excursion. In total, we spent $10 on excursions above the base cost.

As far as souvenirs go, we bought a necklace and earring set for Tori that was made from red coral and turquoise for $30. Tori had successfully haggled the vendor down from $55 and we had to walk away to get it for the price we wanted. In another port we were amazed by an artist who could paint on tile with just his fingers and fingernails and bought one of his pieces for $20. Finally, as a tradition, we bought a Christmas ornament in a third port for $3.

In total, we spent $63 while we were in the four ports on our cruise.

The Final Cost

The final cost of our cruise, at least as I have accounted for it here, was for our shuttle driver who took us back to our car at the hotel. He was a friendly guy and very personable for 7:00 AM in the morning on a Saturday. He even dropped us off right at our car, so we tipped him the same as our other shuttle driver, $2. 

Total Cost Of Our 7 Day Carnival Honeymoon Cruise – $1,891.84

We were really happy with the total cost of our honeymoon. It came in under budget and we had a great time. I’ll be sharing some pictures and some details of the trip in the future, so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Did you find it to be a good bang for your buck?

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  1. That seems pretty reasonable for a honeymoon! I have never done a cruise but would like to!

  2. Wow, under 2k for accommodations, great job! I’ve never been on a cruise, but my fiance has! We’re actually saving for one now…I can’t wait!

  3. Financially, it is one of the least expensive ways to see Europe. It have often referred to cruising as an appetizer. It is an opportunity to sample a country. If you like it, you need to return to get the full experience of traveling, dining and experiencing the country.

  4. Nice. To do either a honeymoon, cruise or a trip to the Caribbean for less than $1k each is really good going. To do all simultaneously is incredible. Good work!

    I’m pleased that you guys had a great time.

  5. No, but it’s on my bucket list! When we are a little older perhaps. Happy honeymoon! Sounds like a great one.

  6. Cruising is definitely an economical way to travel, especially considering the food is included, although the alcohol isn’t.

    I’ve been on two cruises – Caribbean & west coast of Mexico. They were both fun, but it’s really most about who you’re with. If you have good travel companions, you’ll have a blast. Otherwise, it can get very boring, very quickly.

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