Going on Vacation? Consider This…

Congrats! You are about to head out the door for vacation. You have your bags packed and are ready to depart. You locked your doors and leave the driveway. You only forgot one thing…

When You Go On Vacation Make Sure You Have Someone to Check on Your Stuff

Yesterday was a prime example of why you should have someone you trust back at home to check on your stuff. My parents left for California for a week to visit my brother this past Wednesday. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but if you’ve been following the news at all you are probably aware that tropical storm Debby is churning in the Gulf of Mexico as we speak. Not a problem for most, but I live in the Florida panhandle…

When they left there wasn’t anything threatening our area. As the week went on we knew there was a chance of a tropical disturbance but it was either going to go east to the Florida peninsula or west to Texas. This weekend it actually turned into a tropical storm and last night they decided it was slowly going to drift into the Florida panhandle… lovely!

They aren’t predicting a full blown hurricane to hit but any type of system like that definitely causes a storm surge. Guess what? My parents own a boat at a marina! That’s right, I spent last night running out to my parents’ boat to make sure that everything was OK.

Luckily they had tied it down really well so it wasn’t going to go anywhere or hit any part of the docks. There were a few items they asked me to put in a storage container but other than that  things seemed to be going as well as possible with a tropical storm threatening.

So How Does This Relate to You?

You don’t live in Florida and don’t have a boat… understandable. Things can happen anywhere. If you’re on vacation in the winter you could have a snowstorm back home and need someone to check on your pipes so they don’t freeze. You could get a lot of rain and have a flash flood. A tornado could rip through your neighborhood.

I hope none of these things ever happen to you but things do happen. Always make sure you have someone back at home to check on your house or other valuables while you are gone. It will allow you to relax knowing your valuables at home are safe.

When you go on vacation do you have someone check on your house or other valuables? Do you have any other tips or tricks to allow you to keep your mind at ease so you don’t worry while you’re supposed to be relaxing?

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  1. Important tips, even if you don’t think there’s any reason. We thought we had everything handled when we first moved to Texas because we installed an alarm. Imagine our worry when the alarm malfunctioned while we were in Dallas (3 hours away). I had to ask a neighbor I’d met once to talk to the police for me and reset the alarm. Not pretty…would have been better if I’d found someone before I’d left.

  2. We usually have a friend or family member come once a week at a minimum. This is required for our house insurance policy to be active. I like knowing there is someone making sure things are ok. It is much more relaxing to be on vacation knowing your home is in good hands.

  3. When we go away, we need to have someone take care of our dog and the plants. We have used friends or relatives for years. It makes it easier to go away.

  4. Another tip – if you’re going on vacation, don’t post it on Facebook! That’s kind of like telling the world that no one will be home to protect the place.

  5. Miss Blinkin and I move into our new house in a month. Shortly after we re going to the beach which makes me nervous. Not for a hurricane but because of the people that know we just moved in (movers, contractors, cable guy).

    • That is awesome about the new house. I just wouldn’t let anyone know you’re leaving. They shouldn’t have any reason to suspect you’ll be gone unless you tell them.

  6. We will be gone 2 weeks and I’m wondering if I should tell my neighbor to keep an eye on my house. I totally trust them (good Christian family). I will also have my brother stop by every few days. Is a bit of a concern.

    • I think your brother checking on it would be good enough but if you trust your neighbors they’ll see your house more often than your brother would…

  7. If you’ve got plants or a garden, you need someone to stop by and water to. I guess it’s hurricane season now eh?

  8. I’m going on vacation but that’s the perk of living with parents hahha. BF’s parents will be home and also BF is not coming with me to Ohio this week. It’s nice to have someone get your mail and check your house for you while you are gone to avoid break-ins.

  9. We’re lucky that we have a close friend that lives right across the street and I have them come check up on stuff if we’re away. However, we haven’t been on a long vacation for awhile and I’m not sure the next time we’ll be going…so I won’t have to worry much about this for now. 🙂

  10. We always have someone check on our stuff. I’m a HUGE worry-wort though and usually get a house sitter. But that’s also because I hate taking my dogs out of their comfortable environment.

  11. It is so important to have someone check on your house while you are gone and not just for weather reasons. I am an insurance agent and I had a client call in today, they had just got back from vacation and there house had been broken into and somebody cut all of the copper pipes out of their basement. The people stole some other small items also. Definitely a good idea to have a house sitter.

    • My grandpa had someone break into his house and steal everything. They even used his tools to break into his safe… stunk bad.

  12. Kris @ BalancingMoneyandLIfe says:

    Even the smallest thing can cause a problem – right after we moved into a new apartment, we went away for a weekend. Our breaker flipped and our deep freeze had no power for 3 days. Closed, and full, it would have been OK… less than half full, everything was thawed by the time we got home. We were lucky, we salvaged the freezer, and only lost maybe $100 or so worth of food. It could have been so much worse!

  13. Good read! When I go on vacation I always ask my friend/neighbor to keep an eye on my place. You just never know what will happen and it’s easy to handle a situation from a distance when the support is set up before hand.

  14. Our dogs are spoiled. When we go on vacation, they don’t go to a kennel or someone else’s house, someone comes to stay at our house. That means that there’s a person sleeping in our house every night, no matter what. Makes things a little easier.

  15. Tackling Our Debt says:

    We always have a neighbor or a pet sitter look after things. It seems everytime we go away it snows like crazy so we ask a neighbor to please just shovel the sidewalk so it looks like we are home.

  16. The last time we went out of town, we still had a cat (it’s been a while!), so we had a neighbor come over a couple times a day to check on her. I hadn’t thought about having someone come over when we’re gone later this Summer for a short trip. We don’t have a pet anymore, so I probably wouldn’t have even thought to do this had I not read this post. Now I’m thinking maybe I should!

  17. I agree, particularly if you’re going away for an extended period of time. I was asked a few years ago to check in on the house of a family I knew, while they were away for a month. The owner asking me was kind of flattering, even if it meant like a half hour a week extra time. It made sense, considering it was winter in the Midwest. You never know!

  18. We give a key to a neighbor just in case anything happens and they need it.

  19. WE have cats so there is always someone coming in the house 2 times per day. It gives peace of mind.

  20. This brings back memories. I went on vacation one week before Andrew hit South Florida. My family had to put up my shutters. It took all day, 28 windows. I was in Kentucky. I couldn’t fly back until a week after the hurricane hit. Thank God my family helped. But my boss fired me because I couldn’t get back sooner.

  21. Great point. I never have people check on the house, but then, I live in a triplex, so I guess there are people around in the other units who would alert me if the house caught fire or got struck by a tornado or something.

  22. Good point. Last summer we came home to a fridge of completely spoiled stuff. There must have been a power outage while we were away. Power was back when we came home but was out long enough to ruin our food. I can see how other problems could arise as well.

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