Get The Monkey Off Your Back And Get Stuff Done

Have you had something that has been bugging you for days, weeks, months or years?

Something that you know you need to get done but you simply keep putting it off forever?

I definitely have.

You can ask Tori. I am the king of procrastinating.

However, this past week something amazing happened.

We got a monkey off our back that has been around for at least three or four years.

What Did We Get Accomplished?

After years of procrastinating (that’s right… years), we finally sold Tori’s motorcycle that no longer runs. You may remember me mentioning it a few times over the years here on Money Manifesto. Here’s the story.

Back when we lived at our townhouse, now rental and soon to be sold, my motorcycle blew over in a nasty windstorm because my motorcycle cover had a hole in it. That damaged my motorcycle and I procrastinated getting it fixed until it no longer ran.

Unfortunately, when my motorcycle was broken that meant Tori didn’t have anyone to ride with so her motorcycle sat in the driveway next to mine.

Shortly after my motorcycle was damaged, Tori had to have two separate foot surgeries which meant she couldn’t ride so I wasn’t in a rush to get my motorcycle fixed.

The motorcycles sat, and letting motorcycles sit without riding them is a bad, bad idea. Years later, we eventually sold my motorcycle as is because we didn’t want to pay the money to fix it up and we no longer had the desire to ride them.

However, Tori’s motorcycle was in much better cosmetic condition than mine, so we figured we would spend the money to get it fixed before selling it. We tried having a friend fix the motorcycle, but he said he didn’t have the tools to do the full job.

With our upcoming move, we needed to get the motorcycle sold as we have no place to store an unregistered motorcycle at our new apartment complex.

Last week we got ready to take the motorcycle in for a free estimate but at the last minute the shop changed their mind and decided an estimate would cost $200 to $300.

We finally decided to just sell the motorcycle as is. I took some pictures, wrote a detailed description and posted the motorcycle on craigslist and Facebook sale groups for $500 more than I thought we could get for it.

Within 24 hours the motorcycle was sold and gone for $400 more than we thought we could get for it. We’re so stoked it is finally gone and the weight is lifted off of our shoulders.

Lesson Hopefully Learned – Just Get It Done

We had wanted to sell the motorcycles for years, but instead they sat in our garage. Mine sat for at least two years and never ran the entire time. Tori’s sat for three years and didn’t run either.

We could have gotten the money for selling them and actually parked our cars in the garage had we just listed the motorcycle sooner.

Instead, I’d spend time thinking about how we needed to get it fixed and worrying about how much it’d cost us or how the repair shop could take advantage of us.

Really, what we should all do is stop procrastinating on things that we know need to get done and actually take the time to get them done.

It rarely takes as long as we think it will. In fact, Tori’s motorcycle sold in less than 24 hours. I thought it’d take weeks. We were actually worried it wouldn’t sell before we had to move but instead it sold in record time. 

So, if you have something you’ve been procrastinating doing, go get it done or schedule some time to get it done in the near future. Don’t put it off anymore.

You’ll feel better once it’s done and free up your brain to take care of more important things.

Financially, you could be putting off making your first budget, starting to pay down your debt or writing a will. Whatever it is, get it done.

Your finances will be thankful, you’ll be in a better position and you won’t spend time worrying or thinking about the task you don’t want to do anymore. It’s an awesome feeling and I hope you get to feel it soon!

What have you been putting off forever?

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  1. When you have something sitting there for that long, at that point the money you get is secondary to the feeling of just getting it taken care of. Good work!

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