How To Get Brand New Clothes For Virtually Nothing At JcPenney

Learn how you can get almost free clothing from JcPenney. It's easier than you think. In fact, I often get polo shirts and other JcPenney outfits for cheaper than at Goodwill. Find out how to get cheap clothes on P.S. Cheap clothing can be really nice!

I like to think of myself as a fairly frugal person, but I don’t go overboard like the crazy people on Extreme Cheapskates or Extreme Couponing do.

Many frugal people shop at Goodwill or other thrift shops for all of their clothes and there is nothing wrong with that at all!

I’ve found a way to get clothes even cheaper than at Goodwill! In fact, I get all of my polo shirts for work at JcPenney and I get them for dirt cheap. How do I do it?

How To Get Polo Shirts At JcPenney For Less Than At Goodwill

The formula for getting polo shirts at dirt cheap prices is pretty easy. The first thing you need to do is make sure you get coupons from JcPenney in the mail.

I didn’t sign up and I still get them in my mailbox, but if you want, you can sign up here. Next, look out for coupons from JcPenney. You’ll often find $10 off a $25 purchase coupons, but those aren’t what you’re looking for.

Once a month or once every other month you’ll see an amazing coupon, $10 off a $10 purchase. That’s essentially a free item if you find an item that is exactly $10. Of course, you’ll never find such an item at JcPenney. Instead everything you want will be $9.99 at least $10.99.

Note, these coupons can almost never be found online. At least, I’ve never found an online printable JcPenney $10 off a $10 purchase coupon.

These coupons do have a bunch of limitations, but you can get around them pretty easily. You can’t use them on Doorbuster sales which normally run Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. The polo shirts I buy almost always have a Doorbuster sale, so I just wait until after 1:00 PM on Saturday to use my coupons.

Once the Doorbuster sales stop, I can find a certain type of St John’s polo shirts for $11.99 each. Once I use my $10 off a $10 purchase coupon I get my polo shirt for just $1.99 plus tax. That easily beats the price of polo shirts at my local Goodwill and the St John’s polo shirt at JcPenney is brand new.

How This Strategy Can Easily Backfire

This can easily backfire if you’re not careful. JcPenney knows what it is doing when they offer coupons. They want to get you in the store to spend more money than just the $10 off a $10 purchase coupon and most people do exactly that.

If you want to get shirts for cheaper than at Goodwill, it is imperative that you only use your $10 off a $10 purchase coupon and get out as fast as possible. Don’t even look for anything else or your $1.99 polo shirt could turn into a $100 shopping trip at JcPenney.

On top of the fact that JcPenney wants you to spend more money in their store, JcPenney stores are almost always in the mall. This is dangerous because once you buy your polo shirt at JcPenney, you may be tempted to explore the mall.

Unless you have amazing self control and won’t buy anything else, simply leave the mall after you make your purchase. Otherwise you’ll almost always end up spending more than the $1.99 plus tax you intended to.

If you can follow the guidelines above and only buy one polo shirt at JcPenney for $1.99 plus tax, this is a cheaper way to get shirts for work than shopping at Goodwill. However, if you fall victim to the consumer spending machine, you’ll end up paying more.

What do you think about this awesome way to get polo shirts for just $1.99 plus tax? You can apply it to anything that is just over $10 at JcPenney if you prefer. What would you spend your $10 off on a $10 purchase coupon on?

Photo by: mbaylor Text added by: Lance Cothern

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