Extra Income Challenge November Results – Did I Hit My Goal?

Will You Accept The Extra Income ChallengeLast month I issued the extra income challenge to myself as well as every single person who read the post. Here’s a refresher of what I accepted:

I, Lance Cothern, accept the extra income challenge. I challenge myself to make an extra $500 of income this month. I plan to make this income through freelance writing. I will report my progress next month on the next Extra Income Challenge update.

Did I Accomplish My Goal?

I’m happy to announce that I’ve beat my goal! In fact, I more than doubled it.

I earned $1,089 from freelance writing in November based on the work I submitted and invoiced for the month.

Note, I didn’t received $1,089 in payments, but I will in December. So how did I end up doubling my goal?

In November, I worked hard to keep my current clients happy which would have kept me on track for about 50% of my initial goal.

However, my challenge wouldn’t have been much of a challenge if I just set my target at what I was currently earning. Instead, I aimed to double my current earnings. Basically, I had to hustle to get more clients. I actually ended up adding a couple of new clients in November and have another couple of potential clients I’m currently waiting to hear back from.

This is super exciting because it means I’m expanding my freelance writing business to earn more for my family every single month! That’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this challenge.

My Goal For Next Month

December will be a strange and busy month for me. The holidays should be keeping me busy and things slow down in the online world during big holidays like Christmas. Due to these circumstances, I’m not aiming to grow my income in December.

That said, I’m aiming to earn $750 in December from freelance writing. That’s still above my goal from last month and I believe I should be able to hit it. I’ll be thinking hard about my plans for 2015 throughout December and will have another update about my future extra income plans in early January.

How Much Will You Challenge Yourself To Earn?

How much do you challenge yourself to earn for the extra income challenge in December? I’m looking forward to hearing your goals and how you plan on achieving them. Leave your thoughts in the comments or if you want to keep things anonymous, feel free to email me!

How Did Everyone Else Do Last Month?

In November, a few others had accepted the extra income challenge as well. Below are the people who accepted the challenge that commented on the post or emailed me. As they let me know how they did, I’ll update this with their results:

  • Kate Horrell said she was aiming for $500 (via comments)
  • Liz said she was hoping to earn $50  (via comments)
  • Old School wanted to earn $100  (via comments)
  • The Roamer was shooting for $100  (via comments)
  • Doug wanted to hustle for $150  (via comments)
  • Anonymous 1 wanted to earn $600. They ended up earning $724.40! Way to go! (via email)

Want to see your name here next month? Make sure to announce your extra income challenge goal for December in the comments below or send me an email!

Photo by: Tom_Bullock Text added by: Lance Cothern

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  1. I didn’t write it here, but my income challenge to myself last month was $1,000. (I don’t know if that’s really ‘extra’ because I don’t have a primary income, but whatever.) I did meet it. I have the same goal for this month, though it will be more challenging with the slow-down for Christmas. I need to make hay while the sun shines.

  2. Nicely done! I’m impressed with how much you ended up making–that’s some serious hustle.

  3. Hey Lance

    Great job on meeting and beating your goals. I think you’ll have to give me some pointers.

    I’m sad to report that I failed. 🙁
    But it was an eye opening experience. To make calls send out emails, and just in general be reaching out of my comfort zone.

    People can click over and see the full write up on my site. The final number was $23

  4. Very well done and congratulations on besting your own goal. What are a couple of the techniques that you use to successfully hustle your way into new customers (besides doing good work, of course)?

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