August 2016 Blogging Income Report

Welcome to the August 2016 blogging income report for Money Manifesto.

I write these income reports to keep myself accountable and to inspire others.

It took years of blogging to get to the point where I’m at today, but it is completely possible for anyone to earn a living online with some hard work.

Let’s take a look at how August went.

August 2016 Blogging Income – $4,409

August was a decent month for my income. I was able to pick up more work than in past months because my personal life has gotten a bit less hectic.

In my July income report, I mentioned I’d have some blogging related news to share this month. I’m excited to announce that I picked up a new freelance writing client.

I now write for The Fortunate Investor in addition to my other regular clients.

Let’s get in to how I made money in August.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has been going particularly well for me lately. As I mentioned above, I recently picked up a new client which will help me grow my monthly income in a reliable fashion.

My friend, Holly Johnson from Club Thrifty, has announced she will be selling a freelance writing course in the near future. She makes five figures a month from freelance writing, so I’m looking forward to taking her course when it comes out.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is tough to break in to, but I still haven’t hit it big here yet. I do make a small bit of money from affiliate each month, but I’d love to grow this portion of my blogging income significantly.

I look forward to being able to take Michelle’s (from Making Sense of Cents) affiliate income course soon and applying what I learn to increase my income. I’ve seen several rave reviews so I’m sure it is great. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Traditional Advertising

August was a decent month from advertising, but I’m not getting rich by any means. I don’t get enough traffic to earn any major money from traditional ads, but they do pay for small expenses like hosting.

I personally have used AdSense in the past, but I’m currently using as they have been paying better recently.

If you have a blog and would like to give a try, you can earn a 10% bonus for the first three months if you sign up using my affiliate link here.

Branded Content

Branded content, also known as sponsored content, has continued to do well for me. This form of income is fairly easy to deal with, so it’s nice that it has been working out well.

If you’re accepting branded content on your blog, make sure you’re only working with companies you feel comfortable promoting.

Looking Forward To Next Month

Next month’s recap should be fun because I’ll likely be sharing information about what I learned while I was at FinCon, a conference where financial bloggers all meet up in person.

Make sure to check back next month to see how I fared and what I learned.

Have you started a blog? If so, how long did it take before you started earning money from it?

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  1. Hey Lance thanks for the great update. Congratulations on your new freelance client, that’s great news! Thanks as well for mentioning in lieu of Adsense, I think I will check that out for my own website. Thanks again and hope September is even better!

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