An Open Letter To Wide Open West – My Cable Company

Dear Wide Open West (also known as WOW),

You recently bought my old cable company, Knology. I can understand that companies want to grow and that many companies do this by acquiring other companies. I was skeptical at first, but over the first year you really stuck to your advertising campaigns of being a cable company that people enjoy interacting with. Whenever I had to interact with your customer service, everyone was cheery and easy to deal with.

Unfortunately, after the honeymoon period you changed. I now hate my interactions with you. Why? Because the only interactions I have with you are when you raise my bill. You see, lately you’ve been raising my bill every chance you get. In fact, you’ve raised it multiple times this year and we’re only in June. It drives me crazy!

My old provider, Knology, occasionally raised my prices but whenever I called they were able reduce my rate to the rate I originally agreed to. You can’t and haven’t been able to do that for me. I understand your costs are going up, but my pay hasn’t increased by the 20% you’re trying to increase my bill by. In fact, if I didn’t call you and get the smaller discounts you offered me, my bill would have gone up over 40% or more in the last four months. That’s insane!

The representatives I talk to always try to decrease my services, but I enjoy the level of service I currently get. I just want to pay what we originally agreed to for it, not these new crazy prices. I understand promotions expire and I must play the game of calling you to get discounts every few months so you can keep me with your service. After these last couple of months I’m seriously looking into switching to either satellite TV or one of your local competitors when my price increases again. Why? Your most recent interactions with me have been disappointing.

See, when I called you back in January my bill had gone up. Your extremely nice and courteous representative was able to help me out and gave me a discount so my bill would only rise by $5. I can understand that and honestly $5 or 5% a year is a reasonable cost increase. The representative said my discount would be good for 12 months and at that time I could call back to get another discount. They also stated that my bill would remain the same for the rest of the year until the 12 months were up. Well, that turned out to be a lie.

I received a bill for my monthly service in April and I was shocked to see it had gone up another $20, back to the full amount I was shocked by in January. It had only been three months, not the 12 months the last representative promised. I understand your billing systems are complex and there may have been an error, so I called you hoping you’d fix the problem. Instead, I sat on the phone for 45 minutes!

The first representative I talked to said she couldn’t do anything, but she’d transfer me to someone who could help. This was after 20 minutes on the phone, so I asked if I’d have to reexplain everything to the new rep or if they’d have notes on the account. She assured me that she’d leave notes so I wouldn’t have to explain everything again. Well… that didn’t work and I had to waste even more time explaining it to the second representative.

The second representative tried to tell me she couldn’t do anything for me because a different promotion had expired. I poked and prodded and asked many questions to see what she could do to help me. Finally, she admitted she could lower my bill by applying another discount, but it’d only be for 12 months and my cable bill would increase another 5%. I’m sick of paying for your increases. This is two in less than three months! Every time I look, you’re nickle and diming me for more money! I’m sick of it!

If that wasn’t bad enough, the second representative had, in a round about way, accused me of lying. The January representative notated on my account that my new promotional discount would last for twelve months. He didn’t notate that he said my bill won’t rise for a year, even though he did say it on the phone. Due to this fact, the second representative said that she couldn’t honor his promise. Instead she said he should have told me I had other discounts that would expire, but she couldn’t keep the promise that my bill wouldn’t increase for a year and make it right.

Next time my bill goes up, I’ll call and see what you can do to help. However, if you can’t get my bill back down to what it currently is, I’ll be shopping around. Don’t be surprised if I leave you for someone with a better price.

If you’d like to respond, feel free to use my contact form on this website and I’ll call you with my account details. Then, maybe you can get me back to my original price and leave it there.


Lance Cothern

3 Year Customer of WOW (formerly Knology)

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  1. Holly@ClubThrifty says:

    Time to cut the cord, Lance!!! =)

  2. I’ve been a WOW customer for probably around 10 years now. I’ve had a couple of iffy experiences but they are far outweighed by the positive experiences I’ve had over the years. I am still very loyal to them. I know you don’t have the history with them to give them that ‘leash’, if you will, but hopefully they make things right for you.

  3. Awesome Lance. There’s always a cheaper option out there when someone doesn’t want to work with you.

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