Always Have Your Resume Ready – How It Paid Off Huge For Us

Your career is what will earn you the majority of your income in most households.

Yes, some people make money in other ways or on the side, but the majority of most people’s income comes from their chosen career path.

Given this fact, it is extremely important to realize that your career is very important to your financial security.

Since your career is your major source of income, you must always be prepared to move to the next stepping stone in your career should something happen to your current job.

We had a bit of a scare with Tori’s job a few years ago when she was ready to go back to work after her foot healed from being on disability.

Luckily, her place of employment did offer her a job, but we weren’t so sure that was going to happen at the time.

We Were Prepared Just In Case

Once we saw that Tori’s employer wasn’t moving very quickly to get her a position at her workplace we started to get worried. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited many weeks to hear back about where she would go back to work.

However, once her return to work date was just a couple weeks away and she didn’t have a job lined up we knew we couldn’t leave all of our eggs in one basket.

Even though she didn’t want to, Tori began applying to other jobs within our community just in case her current job didn’t pull through and offer her a position.

We didn’t anticipate this was going to happen, but just in case, Tori had her resume updated and ready to submit with new job applications. It turns out that having her resume updated was a great decision that helped our out more than she thought it would.

An Opportunity Came Knocking

Tori’s old employer eventually lined up a position for her at the last minute. Once she started that position, she decided not to follow up on any of the applications she had put in prior to going back to work.

She felt it wouldn’t be right to continue to pursue other jobs after she just started working again and I don’t blame her. At least that’s how we both felt until she was asked to interview for one of her dream jobs. She couldn’t turn that opportunity down.

Tori went in to interview for her dream job and they pretty much offered her a job the same day. This presented a dilemma, but in the end we decided to do what was best for us.

The new job would advance Tori in her career significantly and it would get us a nice bump in pay which helped us to pay her student loans off faster. The new job seemed to be at a quality workplace, so she decided to take the job.

Why Keeping Your Resume Updated Is Important

If Tori hadn’t been updating her resume throughout her time at her current employer she may have forgotten some of the key accomplishments that enabled her to get her dream job.

There were a couple specific events that opened the door for her to get her dream job. If she had forgotten to add them to her resume when she was distracted by her job situation, she may have never received the call to interview for her dream job.

When you’re going through a rough time due to a lay off or job loss, it can be easy to overlook some of the things you have accomplished since the last time you have updated your resume.

It is even easier to forget some of these accomplishments when you’ve been at your most recent job for a long time.

Take some time at least once a year to add these accomplishments to your resume. It is really easy to remember if you update your resume once a year when you receive your annual review.

You never know when you’ll need your resume and how much it could pay off! Be prepared.

Do you keep an updated resume? Has there been a time where it has helped you get a new job in a bind?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have just realized I haven’t updated mine since I started by new job, which is about 6 years ago!! Probably should give it an update!!

  2. I do keep an updated resume, because I find that I need it for random things like applying to be on a professional committee. Just the other day, I was relieved to have an updated version when someone solicited assistance with something, and I could attach it to my email response with confidence that it was up to date. And I got a call back!

  3. When ever I take on new responsibilities or obtain new skills I make sure to update my resume. I’d say I generally give it about 1-2 updates per year. You also want to clean it up, taking off skills that are probably no longer going to impress any potential employers (my Windows 95 expertise is sadly no longer mentioned).

  4. Keeping your resume updated is important! I think it is even more important to think about the skills you want to add to your resume to get that next position.

  5. Congrats to Tori for landing her dream job. That is awesome! I actually have a freelance resume that I update pretty regularly. I want to add big jobs or accomplishments to that so that I can quickly send it off to prospects when I see an opportunity present itself.

  6. I updated my resume few weeks ago and was even contacted by a web design company in my city. We didn’t agree on the salary (I make a very comfortable living working from home, so my requirements are not that small), but it was nice to see I did get a call and someone wanted to discuss the option with me. Updating your resume is really not such a huge hassle and it’s always good to have around, you never know when you need it.

  7. I try to get mine up to date because as it was mentioned bovril, you never know when you might be asked for it. Plus, it is always good to have a crazy detailed resume to pare own for each job. Do you remember a specific detail about a job five years ago? I know I just remember the big things, but sometimes the links are in the finer points. For the record, I am not condoning submitting book-long resumes, but it is good to have a running tally before submitting the most recent copy – can you tell I am a huge proponent of properly tailoring your resume or each application?

  8. It’s definitely easier to update your resume bit by bit, any time you work on something new, go through training or get a new role. Then you don’t forget anything and it’s ready to go when needed!

  9. This sorta reminds of a documentary I was watching some time back…Warren Buffet is at this entreprenuership fair for kids…as he’s been walked around the stalls, a kid at one stall pulls out a resume (after explaining his idea etc) and offers it to Buffett, who is quite impressed…the kid is like 13!! Well, don’t know how it ends but there is certainly a case of being prepared…you just never know when a great opportunity will come knocking.

  10. So glad it worked out for Tori! Sometimes waiting around for an old employer isn’t worth your time.

    I try to keep my resume updated, although I haven’t done so since I took this job nearly a year ago. I know I need to stay at my current job another year before I even start looking since I didn’t stay the “normal” two years each at the past two jobs I left but as soon as I hit the two year mark, I’ll be on the prowl, updated resume in hand!

  11. I also find that it has been beneficial for me to not only keep my resume updated, but to also keep said updated copy available online. That way, when an opportunity presents itself, I can provide them with a link to my resume without physically having it on me.

  12. You never know when Mr. Opportunity will come knocking at your door. When he does, will you be ready? Sure, making your resume perfect takes time but then again, so does waiting in the unemployment line.

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