My Tip For How To Save Money On Travel

Today is the last day of the three day Memorial Day weekend for most of us in the United States. Many people are headed home from their three day weekend trips. Vacations and quick weekends away can get expensive fast and I thought it would be a great time to share a tip that can help you to save on your next weekend away from home or full blown vacation!

My tip on how to save money on travel is to avoid eating out while traveling. I know that a lot of people love to eat out when they reach their destination and it is part of the vacation feel. That isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking¬†about eating out when you get in the car and drive or get on a flight and fly to your destination. The best part about this tip is the bigger the family the more you save!

If you are driving to your destination stop by the grocery store before you leave for you trip.¬†Instead of spending money on the typical restaurant experience, buy some items you can pack for lunches, dinners and some snacks for in between. Most people just stop somewhere quick in the rush to get to wherever they are going. Your fast food options normally include McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King at most interstate exits and can be quick if appropriately staffed. That isn’t always the case and they aren’t very healthy either. Gas stations are another option but they have very inflated prices and typically only carry snacks and lighter meal items. Packing your food is even faster than fast food or a gas station because you don’t have to stop at all! I always liked to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Pringles but you can pack deli meat sandwiches in a cooler if you want. For drinks I pick up a 24 pack of water bottles (the only time I buy bottled water) and a 12 pack of soda as well. Again, the larger the family the more you stand to save.

Things can be a bit more complicated in the airport but bringing along food and drink is still manageable. Airport food is very expensive and, unless you like overpriced food, is rarely worth it. You can easily pack some food in your carry on bag but drinks are a bit harder because of those pesky security guards. There is a way to get around it and what I do is buy a 1.25 liter bottle of Coke Zero (my soft drink of choice) a week or so in advance. When I am done drinking it I keep the bottle. You can take empty bottles through security and the fill it up with the water fountain on the other side. Drinks at the airport cost at least double what they are anywhere else so I always bring an empty bottle.

Like I said before, once you reach your destination you’re free to eat out if it is part of the vacation plan. I like eating at beachfront restaurants when I’m going to beach. I try to stay away from the major chains because I can go to them at home and it is the same exact experience. Vacations should be about experiences and memories. The car or plane ride is rarely one of them so next time you head out save some money by stopping by the grocery store before you go!

Do you have a travel tip you’d like to share? What do you think about this idea? Let me know if you plan on trying it out!

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  1. I would agree. Eating out can really rack up the bills. We often shop at grocery stores while we travel and make our own meals. If we can cook then we will but otherwise we just eat a lot of fruits, veggies, salads, and sandwiches.

  2. Airport food is expensive, and it’s hardly ever tasty!

  3. I can’t believe how fast this three-day weekend is coming to an end!! My tip is Power Bars! Particularly the Protein Plus ones. Some people hate them, I love them! They are convenient to take with you pretty much anywhere you go and they always fill me up.

  4. I just took a one day trip and blew some serious money. Had I done some more planning I could have significantly cut the costs. I ended up spending over $60 on gas stations stops.

  5. Tackling Our Debt says:

    Everything does add up quickly. If we do a road trip I love packing a homemade picnic for us. If we fly I may pack some snacks but I don’t struggle with drinks. Although airport food is expensive and usually not very good, we do sometimes eat there, depending on the time of day and how long our flight will be. It is still less money than buying food on the plane.

  6. I totally agree. eating out KILLS the budget major! I hate spending so much on water at the airport or for a really crappy salad. But sometimes it happens because planes get delayed… my flights are always delayed and/or cancelled!

    • Delays and cancellations can be a problem for sure. Pack some extra snacks just in case :) Maybe it will hold you over till you can leave the dreaded airport.

  7. It’s ridiculous what they charge for food at airports. I bought a small sandwich and a cookie last month for $15. What a rip off! My mistake was picking things that didn’t have price tags and not wanting to pick something else after being in line for 5 minutes.

    • I think I bought an ice cream once because I was really craving it and it was 2-3x what I’d pay at McDonalds or Dairy Queen.

  8. I agree. I love eating out for dinner, but I always try to bring my own lunches and snacks during car rides. I hate wasting my money on fast food.

    • It is sad when you go out to eat and can’t decide what to get because nothing sounds appealing. That happened to me the other day at a fast food place!

  9. Packing food for traveling is a great idea, as food can be expensive while traveling. I’ve written about the cost of food at airports, where I paid like $12 or so for a sub sandwich. Incredible! Just imagine a family eating, and how much that could cost.

    • It is harder at airports because you can’t predict delays and cancellations but if you know you have a layover definitely pack some snacks or a small meal!

  10. I indulge in eating out when I travel. It is one of the many other reasons I enjoy travel. I do eat out in the airports, and we never pack or cook food while away. We are not saving on food, definitely. :) We try to save on other things such as hotel locations, packing lightly and not paying for the extra luggage, using public transportation, eating out where locals eat and so on. :)

    • That is the best part of personal finance. You can choose what to save on and what to spend on! I’m glad you know that you have to make decisions though and not get everything.

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