Expect the Unexpected

About a two years ago I was driving up Interstate 95 having a decent start to my morning.  I saw a dump truck trying to merge on and I thought I would be nice and let the big dump truck merge in front of me. That was a mistake. The dump truck merged in front of me and I slowed down, as it had not yet gotten up to speed, and then, as a thank you, Mr. Dump Truck decided to throw a rock out of the back. This fairly large rock decided it would land on my windshield putting 3 small spider cracks in the windshield. Lovely! I had just bought this car less than two months ago and I was staring at decent sized bill to get it fixed. Expect the unexpected. As you can imagine, this is not what I want to spend my hard earned money on. However, I am prepared for these situations.

I live on a budget and one account in my budget is called Random Expenses. This account is for those things that pop up through the year that are oddly timed, small in dollar amount, or just aren’t expected. I use this account for car registration fees, inspection fees, yearly renter’s insurance, and other small items.  I don’t just save enough for the recurring items though, I save more than that. This is what some would consider my “Stupid Mistakes” account as well. While I wasn’t the one who made the “Stupid Mistake” it fits in with the idea of the account, and I have enough in here to take care of the repair. This past Saturday I was glad I had made this account, but there is something nicer than self insuring for these things. Automobile insurance.

The upside (if there is one) about this situation is that my insurance covered the bill. I have liability, comprehensive and collision insurance on my car. The part that covers this is my comprehensive insurance. Normally, I have a $500 deductible, but since the windshield can be repaired my insurance company waives the deductible. Originally I was just going to pay out of my pocket because I didn’t want my rates to go up, but upon further investigation they didn’t.

Have you had something similar to this happen to you? If so, let me know if the comments below.

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  1. The same thing happened to me a week ago. Driving home from work, a big rock hit my windshield and cracked it. I called a repair company that came to me and replaced the windshield. I decided to pay for it since my insurance would go up. I knew this because when I changed to this ins company last year my husband had a windshield repair on his record and it raised our rate. Glad yours was free!

    • Sorry for your windshield problems. I know first hand they stink. My auto insurance (USAA) is really great. I’m glad I am eligible to use them.

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