Brookstone: Who Buys This Stuff Anyway?

Last weekend we took a short trip over to Destin, one of the higher end beach areas in the Florida panhandle. On our way we drove through some of the richest zip codes in the US. How high end? People like Sean Payton and Mike Huckabee live or have vacation homes there and many more vacation there, such as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo (I know because I had a friend who played jazz for them at a local bar).

Due to the fact that so much money comes into the area, there are a ton of higher end stores in the area. Even the shopping malls are pretty fancy. Last weekend we visited two shopping areas just to window shop… and to pick up a couple items at an outlet store I like. Whenever we go, we always make sure to visit a store I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything from – Brookstone.

Brookstone has a ton of awesome stuff. However, the awesome stuff is… very unique and normally not super useful or practical. Oh yeah… it is normally outrageously expensive too! How expensive and impractical? Let’s take a look! 

Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush

First on our list of outrageous list of Brookstone items is this motorized grill cleaning brush (with steaming power)! This motorized grill brush is only is only $29.99! This wonderful tool will spray water on your grill. When your grill is hot, it turns to steam. What a miracle!

Don’t worry, this motorized grill brush will make sure you use plenty of batteries to consume even more money. It only takes 8 AA batteries which aren’t included. I think they make the grill brush spin super fast!

App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

This toy is admittedly pretty cool. I would have loved it as a kid! I mean what isn’t to love? It is controlled remotely and has a spy camera on it that will stream video and has built-in night vision! I probably would have gotten in trouble with it too because I bet my brother would have smashed it if he found it crawling around his room.

The App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank is only $119.99 on sale (from $149.99). That actually isn’t too bad for a RC toy. It, too, will eat your batteries alive as it takes 6 AA batteries to run. Oh… and it comes with a FREE app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store because you HAVE to have an iDevice or Andriod device to use as a remote. That’s where the real expense comes in!

Pillow with Speakers

You too can have a pillow with speakers in it for only $129.99! They say you can listen to TV or music without disturbing your partner AND it has a built in sleep timer, a built in soft controller in the pillow and an RF transmitter to hook it up to your TV.

This pillow uses 4 AA batteries and, like all of the products listed today, they aren’t included… shocker! Simple solutions such as regular headphones or wireless headphones would never be able to provide the same experience at a lower price.

Advanced Sleep Sounds Alarm Clock

For $169.99 you can have this wonderful alarm clock that comes with 16 MP3s and a sleep timer. It also comes with 5 brightness settings and numbers that represent the time, because it is a clock after all. The sounds will soothe you to sleep or wake you up gently in the morning, which I have to admit might not be so bad.

This wonderful clock uses only 4 AA batteries, but in the most shocking move of the century, Brookstone includes an AC adapter and doesn’t charge extra for it!

In all seriousness, you could implement this much cheaper with a little thought and creativity. That is what makes this product so absurd to me at $169.99.

App Massage Chair

Finally, we get to the most ridiculous, but potentially most awesome, items on today’s list. The App Massage Chair comes in at the most reasonable price of $4,299.99. Like your fancy luxury car, this chair has Bluetooth to sync to your various devices. The chair comes with an App that will let you monitor your massage program and it’ll even give you details about it.

This might be why I always go in Brookstone. I almost always get a free massage in an expensive chair that I’d never buy! The massages are pretty good but I don’t need a jumbo chair that costs as much as a used car in my house. Fun to test drive, but wouldn’t ever make it in my house.

Have you ever been to a Brookstone? What crazy stuff have you seen there? What is the craziest thing you’ve seen someone buy?

P.S. You can click the pictures to go to the actual Brookstone website listings for each product.

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  1. I have never been there! Those prices are ridiculous. But, hey….if you can afford a $160 alarm clock and you really want one, then why not?

  2. There really isn’t much more I want in life than a massage chair… but everytime I look at the price tag I die a little inside. I know I could buy one of those cheap ones you put on any chair, but they are not the same!

  3. Those are some weird inventions. Yeah, who buys this stuff anyway? You must be really wealthy to waste your money on these products.

  4. Funny, Lance.
    I always thought that stores like Brookstone just existed for me to stop by and get a free massage when I am in the mall 🙂

  5. Last year, The Onion did a satire article about how experts admitted that decades of economic theory were refuted by the fact that the ‘Edible Arrangements’ franchise continued to exist. I think the same could be said for Brookstone. It really makes no sense but yet they’ve been at the malls for as long as I can remember.

  6. Now I know what I am going to do with my extra money…buy that pillow! 😉 I have been to Brookstone several times but never see myself buying anything there. While cool, it’s too rich for my blood.

  7. I sometimes go into Brookstone if I want to kill time. It isn’t the prices as much as a lot of the stuff seems useless. Just my opinion!

  8. That place is crazy. My buddy used to work in one in high school. Their products are usually not worth the price tag and most are not practical. I don’t know why people shop there, but they do.

  9. Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide says:

    These sorts of things made sense to me–sort of–where they were only in the SkyMall catalog. People trapped for a long time with nothing to do, plus cabin fever, plus oxygen deprivation….I could see how someone on a 6 hour flight could convince themselves that one of these purchases was a good idea.

    But once they started showing up in malls, I threw up my hands. Most of these seem like hideously expensive white elephant gifts!

  10. Don’t know about the other stuff but the massage chaire is cool :). I was just thinkingn that I won’t mind one of those and saw the price…well. let’s just say I would rather have a diamond :).

  11. I remember walking in to the first brookstore store. My reaction was just “oh wooowww….whattt…no way…coool..hell no!” It was pretty funny. Would never ever buy this stuff!

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